5 Reasons You and Your S.O. Should Definitely Say “I Do” in Bali

Um, hello, paradise! If you and your partner have been looking for the perfect big day destination, it’s time to call off the Google search. Because we’ve been doing some (first-hand) research, and we’re pretty sure Bali is about as beautiful as it gets…

Take a look at these five reasons you need say “I do” on this breath-taking Indonesian island (and you can thank us later):

Royal Balinese 04
Courtesy of The Mulia Bali

1. It’s utterly Instagramable. Talk about beautiful backdrops! From white sand beaches, to looming volcanoes, to sprawling rice fields, to luxurious 5 star resorts with lush landscapes, you and your guests will pretty much be living in one giant photo opp. Oh, and your wedding photos will be uh-mazing! You’re going to want a seriously skilled photographer for this one…

2. That food though… (Yum!) Give guests the chance to enjoy a can’t-miss culinary scene (prepared by high profile chefs)! Balinese cuisine is influenced by indigenous traditions, as well as Chinese and Indian culture. You can serve up an exciting feast of delicious staple dishes like Babi guling (roasted suckling pig) and Sate Lilit (skewers of spiced mince meat), plus Laklak (sweet rice pancake) and Kopi Luwak (Luwak coffee) for dessert.

3. Get a Balinese blessing. If you’re looking for a spiritual ceremony, opt for a Royal Balinese Wedding. You and your partner will be carried on Royal Balinese palanquins, accompanied by a Balinese flower bearer and traditional percussion (called “Baleganjur”), and you’ll receive a blessing by a Balinese Priest with ancient sanskrit mantra and holy water. After the ceremony, enjoy a night of traditional Balinese dance and music!

Royal Balinese 03

4. Feel relaxed AF. Forget the wedding stress! If the gorgeous beaches, waterfalls, and exquisite landscape, don’t already have you totally zenned out, you can enjoy a spa experience like no other. Check out Asia Pacific’s first Ice Room, which will boost your circulation, immune system, and overall well-being with its -1 degrees Celsius temperature, reminiscent of an Icefall Crystal fountain.

5. Your honeymoon has already begun. Why leave this picture-perfect paradise, right? Extend your stay at one of many 5-star hotels, like The Mulia Bali. Take in the coastline of Nusa Dua, swim in the oceanfront pools, hit the swim up bars, unwind with complimentary afternoon high tea, and get adventurous with paddle boarding or wind surfing. You might even consider booking your own private villa

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