5 Summer Travel Ideas for Cheapskates

I’m cheap, you’re cheap. Let’s all just admit that we’re cheap. Settled? Great. Now for the fun stuff: There’s no better way to enjoy the summertime with your sweetheart than by unwinding on vacation…without spending a boatload of cash. We’ve laid out five low-cost options below — the details are up to you.

Retro Glamping Bachelorette Party By Zipporah Photography

Photo by: Zipporah Photography on Bridal Musings via Lover.ly

1. National parks. Guess how much it costs to get into Yellowstone National Park: $25 per car for seven days’ access to the park. You read that right. You can tour around the beauty that is Yellowstone for a full week for less than the cost of dinner out. Live too far from Yellowstone? No problem. There are plenty of other parks across this beautiful country for your enjoyment. Get out of town this summer and expand your mind, commune with nature, and camp out with your beloved.

2. Road trips. Here’s what we love most about road trips: You control the cost, length of the trip, and the destination. Find a cave to explore, a monument to discover, or the best ice cream shop in your entire state, and then drive there for a weekend of fun and adventure. (We’ve also got more road trip honeymoon ideas for you and we’ve already planned out your perfect playlist!)

3. Small towns with big charm. Want to do something unexpected this summer? Visit a charming small town like Biloxi, Miss. or Asheville, N.C. Better yet, find a town in your own state that offers something unexpected — a lively beach culture, a great museum, the best barbecue in the nation — and head out for an adventure with your sweetie. Accommodations and restaurants in non-touristy destinations are cheaper than in big cities, so take advantage of the low cost and enjoy a little small-town charm.

4. Beach getaways. If you live near the beach, consider getting seaside Airbnb accommodations for a weekend and try a new water sport with your spouse (stand-up paddleboard yoga, anyone?) If you’ll be traveling to the water’s edge, head somewhere affordable such as Myrtle Beach, S.C. or Fort Myers, Fla. for a laid-back week of suntanning and beach-combing.

5. City stay-cation. When a long weekend hits and you’re too broke to get out of town, take advantage of all the empty space left in your city by travelers and enjoy a stay-cation. Depending on where you live, you’ll be able to get tickets to those otherwise-sold-out shows, book nicer hotel rooms than you’d normally be able to afford, and get access to those museums and galleries that are normally too packed to visit.

Enjoy your summer!


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