5 Major Ways Your Wedding Can Do Some Good in the World

Let’s be honest the world can use a little more humanity. With violent mass shootings and racial tensions ruling the news, it can seem a bit frivolous to spend time picking out flowers and a five layer cake. So why not show some major love for the world by having your big day back a worthy cause?

Five ways you can give back on your wedding day.

The Cause: Ending Child Brides

Yes, it’s a tragic reality affecting millions of young girls living in India, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, and more, who are wed before they can understand the concept of marriage, let alone pregnancy (with some girls as young as five). Too Young to Wed is a non-profit organization trying to stamp out this often illegal practice of marrying off children against their will.

How to Help: While planning your wedding day, you’ve probably given a lot of thought to how special marriage can be. Help protect these young girls who are married against their will by spreading the word on social media using the hashtags #tooyoungtowed and #endchildmarriage, or by donating to the organization by clicking here.

The Cause: Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Weddings are a time when many brides enjoy spending some QT with the important women in their lives: moms, grandmas, mother-in-laws, aunts, and of course friends, sisters, and bridesmaids. But did you know that one out of eight women will develop breast cancer? One in 75 will develop ovarian cancer? And 2/3 of the women diagnosed will die from their disease?

How to Help: Educate yourself and your crew on early detection practices and ways to reduce your risk of contracting these deadly diseases by visiting Bright Pink, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women with knowledge of innovative (and preventative) breast and ovarian health practices. You can also become one of their certified Education Ambassadors and help to educate women in your community. Learn more about their classes by clicking here.

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The Cause: Weddings for Couples Battling Terminal Illnesses

So many brides grow up dreaming about their wedding day: beautiful flowers, a gorgeous gown, and an S.O. to stand by them for life. What this dream definitely doesn’t include is a terminal illness that can make planning next to impossible and a lifetime together cut tragically short. Thanks to non-profit group Wish Upon a Wedding, couples facing illness and serious life-altering circumstances can have their wish for a wedding or vow renewal granted.

How to Help: If you’re in the wedding industry, you can donate your services to a couple in need near you. Or if you’re a bride who is moved to help as an individual, you can volunteer your time by clicking here. Either way, these couples will be forever grateful to have a beautiful memory of their love.

The Cause: Wedding Dresses for Military Brides 

We gotta give credit to our nation’s military—the men and women who serve, as well as the spouses who support them—for selflessly giving their lives to protect the rest of us. And when you could get deployed at any time and on short notice, it makes it very difficult to plan a wedding.

How to Help: Brides Across America is a fun way to give your wedding dress new life after you say your “I dos.” They gift pre-owned wedding gowns to military brides for free so it’s one less thing they need to worry about. Learn how you can donate your dress by clicking here. And they accept accessories too, so if you don’t plan on wearing your white Choos again, send those along too!

The Cause: Charitable Organizations Worldwide

Registering for things like dishes, towels, and furniture is fun and will help to make your transition from single-dom to married couple a little easier (you’ll finally have matching silverware!). But when there’s just so much work we need to do in this world, it seems a little silly to care so much about the thread count on new sheets, right?

How to Help: Instead of asking your guests for gifts, why not consider a charity registry? Sites like Zank You and Just Give help you create a registry where your guests can donate to organizations like Unicef, Oxfam, or a charity of your choosing. It’s guaranteed to make you and your sig other smile knowing that your guests’ kindness and generosity is going toward the greater good.

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