3 Really Good Reasons to Serve Your Wedding Food Family Style

While many nearlyweds are familiar with the great plated dinner vs. buffet debate, there’s another option that’s grown in popularity over the past few years (and we can’t get enough of it). In case you aren’t familiar with “family style,” also called “home style,” it’s a serving method in which food is brought to the tables on large platters and guests serve themselves.

Why is everyone loving family style service? Here are three reasons to consider it for your big day:

wedding food family style

Photo by Juliette F


1 It’s elegant and practical. 

Family style meals combine the best of plated dinners and buffets—your guests can have assigned seats (which create a more formal vibe) and they can choose exactly what and how much of each menu item they would like to eat. Home style meals also present a great opportunity to introduce your guests to a few of your family’s favorite recipes, a personal touch that’s particularly perfect for a rustic, backyard, or garden wedding.

2 It encourages your guests to mingle. 

By serving your wedding meal home style, you’ll create the same type of warm and inviting atmosphere you feel when your family gathers around the table for a special meal or the holidays. When creating your seating arrangements, don’t fret if everyone at a single table doesn’t know each other prior to dinner. Passing plates is a great way to start the conversation.

3 It creates room in your budget and day-of timeline. 

Because family style meals don’t require the same amount of prep or a large serving team like a formal plated dinner, you’ll almost always save some dollars. And since home style meals take less time to serve than buffets, your guests have more time to enjoy their meal and hit the dance floor!

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