8 Wedding DIYs That Totally #NailedIt on Instagram

What’s more envy-inducing than a really good wedding DIY on Instagram? From photo booths to place cards, we’ve found seven totally do-able (and completely inspiring) wedding craft projects you’re so gonna want to steal.

1. The camera-ready photo booth. Snag a simple window frame or a piece of framed glass and a pack of dry erase markers, and you’ll be able to pull together this photo booth in no time.

2. These glam balloons. All that’s required here? A can of metallic paint, a brush, balloons, and some patience. Fortunately, imperfection is kinda key here.

3. These dance-floor-ready heels. With a store-bought pair of heels, some gems, and a hot glue gun, you might actually outshine the band!

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4. These DIY vases that are wedding-flower-ready. Grab a few glass vases from the local thrift shop and a white paint, and print a few stencils offline or have fun going freehand (carefully…).

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5. Lovely layered cards. Grab some pretty patterned paper and use it to create layers on your place cards, menus, and other printed pieces!

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6. Rustic centerpieces. All you need is a tin can and metallic spray paint to nail this one! Tackle this project outdoors and make sure to cover your work surface with a tarp or newspaper.

7. The sweetest signs. Stamp fun words on to hand cut pennants and secure them to dowels. Then start waiving!

8. Dress up your chairs. Snag two thin pieces of wood, a can of paint, and a brush from your local hardware store. Carefully paint “Bride,” “Groom,” “Mr.” or “Mrs.” on to each piece. Drill holes in the top corners and use twine to hang the finished signs from your chairs!

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