Top 5 Self-care Treats To Say “I Love Me” This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t couples only anymore—it’s also the perfect day to show off just how much you love yourself! With the rise of Valentine’s Day alternatives such as Galentine’s Day or even Singles Awareness Day (yes, that’s a thing now), we are officially reclaiming the V-day narrative.

Spend a day this week indulging in something you love, or better yet, treat yourself to a special gift just for you! Here’s five brands we adore that will be sure to make your Valentine’s Day great!

1. Ring Concierge


Don’t get us wrong… we love to sparkle all year round, but Valentine’s Day is without a doubt the best time to shine. Why wait for someone else to read your mind? Pick up the perfect trinket yourself—you know your taste better than anyone else!

Ring Concierge is a wholly women-run company (headed by founder and CEO Nicole Wegman) dedicated to putting women first and disrupting the male-dominated diamond industry. So not only can you deck yourself out with some self-love bling, but you’ll also be empowering women while doing it.

Woman's hand resting on her chest featuring a ring that reads "love" in script... perfect for Valentine's Day

Ring Concierge’s Love Ring in yellow gold.

Let everyone know how much you love yourself, with this tasteful Love Ring. Or, if you’re looking to spread the warm and fuzzies around, treat yourself and your bestie to these adorably dainty Best Friends Heart Bracelets (Galentine’s Day, anyone?). You can get both items, and a majority of Ring Concierge’s signature pieces, in either yellow, white, or rose gold.

If you really wanna break out the self-love big guns, it’s time for this pair of Personalized Round Hoops. This is what we like to call a power move, ladies. Nobody’s going to forget your name anytime soon if you’re wearing these earrings. What a better way to show off how much you love yourself than by literally buying your name in gold?

A hold hoop earring with "Madeline" written in cursive... perfect for Valentine's Day

Ring Concierge’s Personalized Round Hoops in yellow gold.

Valentine’s Day can bring out the best in us! We know that you already shine from the inside, but let’s get your outside accessorized to match!

2. Lunya


Say it with us now: comfy clothes are self-care. The best sleeping companion any day or night of the year is a good set of pajamas. Whether you’re lounging around the house or getting cozied up under the covers, nothing beats Lunya.

A woman standing wearing in Lunya's cotton silk henley... perfect for Valentine's Day

Lunya’s Cotton Silk Henley in dusk.

Founder and CEO, Ashley Merrill, believes that women deserve to feel both comfortable and beautiful in all states of dress—especially considering we spend over a third of our lives sleeping! So if you ever wanted to be comfortable enough to doze-off mid binge watching session and luxurious enough to feel ready for the nearest black-tie gala, it’s time to get shopping this Valentine’s Day.

A woman standing wearing a washable silk set from Lunya... perfect for Valentine's Day

Lunya’s Washable Silk Set in cloud.

Is anything as luscious as silk pajamas? That’s because silk is more than just ridiculously soft, but it’s also an ideal heat regulator. To put it simply, that means no more waking up sweaty in the middle of the night. (No shame in this self-love zone—we’ve all been there.) Normally, caring for silk can be a major pain, but did we mention that all of Lunya’s products are machine washable? Because they are, and it’s amazing.

Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day to me like the perfect sleepwear set made with a woman’s beauty and comfort in mind. There’s lux in every stitch.

3. Waveland CBD Teas


What goes better with a cozy set of pajamas than a warm cup of tea? Literally nothing, that’s what. Especially if that tea just happens to have some nice, calming CBD extract in it. So sit back, relax, and unwind in the name of Valentine’s Day.

A bag of waveland's herbal tea + CBD extract... perfect for Valentine's Day

Waveland’s Herbal Tea + CBD Extract

Waveland currently offers four different variations on their CBD blended beverages including black, white, green, and herbal tea. So no matter how you like to sip it for self-care, you can still get in that daily dose of CBD! And don’t worry, CBD has none of the psychedelic side effects of its “more infamous” cousin. Unless you consider feeling relaxed and stress-free psychedelic?

A bag of Waveland's White Tea + CBD Extract... perfect for Valentine's Day

Waveland’s White Tea + CBD Extract

On that note, what does CBD have to do with sef-care anyway? Well it’s currently in a very strange FDA grey area, but there are a number of studies that have shown that CBD actively encourages relaxation, stress reduction, and anxiety relief. Even though we’re all about the love here at Loverly, we know that Valentine’s Day can be a tough time for some people. If you’re feeling like you just need a break from it all then this CBD tea could be the perfect place to start. Self-care is what you make of it!

4. Sugarfina


Valentine’s Day means you cannot go wrong with chocolate… or gummies, or cocktail candies, or literally anything sweet, sugary, and delicious. Those are the rules! And we have the perfect source to satisfy your sweet tooth.

A cubic container of light pink gummy bears that reads "Wine is my Valentine"... perfect for Valentine's Day

Sugarfina’s Wine is my Valentine Rosé All Day Bears Candy Cube

Remember last year when the internet became collectively obsessed with Rosé Gummy Bears? Well, that was Sugarfina—the candy store for grownups.

Co-founders, Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick, were inspired by the magic and wonder of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which they watched together on their third date. The husband and wife duo (yes, they got married!) wanted to bring those feelings back into the adult world.

A mix of pink, hot pink, and red sugar coated gummy lips... perfect for Valentine's Day

Sugarfina’s Sugar Lips

Does this brand have Valentine’s Day written all over it, or is it just us? Like, seriously, how cute are these? We’ll take sugar lips over kisses any day of the week (sorry fellas and ladies). If you’re a fellow candy connoisseur then this is the perfect way to put the eat into treat yourself.

5. Forever Blooms From Melissa Andre


Bouquets are so last year. It’s 2020, time to up your flower game… especially on Valentine’s Day! Self-care can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but when it comes to beautifying your environment it’s hard to beat fresh roses. They’re classic for a reason! Creative Consultant Melissa Andre’s Forever Blooms are putting a whimsical twist on this long-time V-Day fave.

A pink heart shaped box of pink roses that reads "uh huh honey"... perfect for Valentine's Day

Melissa Andre’s Signature Pink Pillow Talk Hear “Uh Huh Honey”

It’s time to say, “Uh huh Honey” to  some Valentine’s Day self-care in the form of these sweetly unique floral arrangements. Who else is ready for this heart shaped box of roses? They’re gorgeous. They come in an adorable box with an even more adorable message. And they smell like an angel fresh out of a heavenly bubble bath—well, that’s how we imagine it at least…

A clear box of blush colored roses with black ribbon... perfect for Valentine's Day

Melissa Andre’s Blush Signature Bloom Box

If you’re looking for something a bit more classic then there’s also the Signature Forever Bloom Box. What better way to celebrate how much you love yourself than with these 25 perfect roses? That’s basically 25 times the love.

Happy Valentine’s Day

No matter how you’re celebrating, we hope this year’s celebration is a great one. And if it happens to involve one of these ultimate self-care treats, we’re happy to have helped!