12 Thoughts You’ll Have on Valentine’s Day If You’re in a New Relationship

Valentine’s Day is totally different when you have a special someone. If you’re in a new relationship, we know how exciting it is! If you’re going to be celebrating the big day with your new someone, here are some accurate Valentine’s Day new relationship feelings. #allthefeels

Valentine’s Day New Relationship Feelings

1. I’m always single on Valentine’s Day and this year I’m not!

2. Oh yeah, somebody loves me!

3. Sooo… I wonder what my partner will give me?

4. There are just too many card options and I’m totally overwhelmed.

5. Who wants to get lucky?

6. Just how sappy should I be in this card?

7. I want to buy all of the heart-shaped things!

8. Why do people not like this holiday? It’s amazing.

9. I can’t wait to get cozy at our favorite date night spot!

10. Oooh, what should I wear? Is wearing pink and red too much?

11. I wonder what my single friends are up to…

12. Gosh, I absolutely just love my partner!

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