12 Thoughts You’ll Have on Valentine’s Day If You’re in a Relationship

Valentine’s Day is totally different when you have a special someone. Instead of being a love sketpic, you’re all about it! You want to celebrate your relationship everyday, but especially on the 14th.

Here are twelve thoughts you’re sure to have on Valentine’s Day if you’re in a relationship.

1. I’m always single on Valentine’s Day and this year I’m not!

2. Oh yeah, somebody loves me!

3. Sooo… I wonder what my partner will give me?

4. There are just too many card options and I’m totally overwhelmed.

5. Who wants to get lucky?

6. Just how sappy should I be in this card?

7. I want to buy all of the heart-shaped things!

8. Why do people not like this holiday? It’s amazing.

9. I can’t wait to get cozy at our favorite date night spot!

10. Oooh, what should I wear? Is wearing pink and red too much?

11. I wonder what my single friends are up to…

12. Gosh, I absolutely just love my partner!

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