8 Stunning Wedding Cake Trends You Can’t Ignore

You can’t go wrong with a classic and traditional wedding cake. But, for a more modern dessert table, take a cue from what cake decorators from all over the country are whipping up. These magnificent eight trends are bound to show up at many “I dos” for years to come.

1. Wreaths instead of flowers.

Last year, it was all about flowers topping the special cake, this year will be all about flowers surrounding the cake, with floral wreaths perched on a middle tier.

2. Cakes dripping with chocolate. 

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Decadent, eye-catching, and totally fun, these finger-licking-good cakes would be hard to pass up.

3. Stone-inspired designs.

This geode cake took the baking world by storm, and now rocks are all the rage. Marbled desserts and designs inspired by precious stones are very modern and trendy.

4. Watercolor cakes.

We saw watercolor make a huge splash on invitations last year — and now that style has made its way to sweets. Give your big day cake an all-over watercolor look, or ask for a brushstroke motif.

5. Semi-naked cakes.

semi naked wedding cake

Photo by fabmood.

You’ve seen naked cakes — but we’re talking about those cake’s sexier cousin, the semi-naked cake. These confections have a super light layer of frosting around the edges, so you only get a peek of what’s inside.

6. Black fondant and frosting.

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  2. Photo by styleunveiled.

White is the classic “I do” cake color. But if you’re a rule-breaker, jump on the latest color trend in sweets — you’ll definitely make a statement.

7. Super-tall cakes.


Photo by Loverly.

The bigger, the better, right? That’s the attitude many cake designers are taking for wedding cakes. If you can, shoot for six or seven tiers. (Psst… some of the layers can be styrofoam to save some money!)

8. Lace, lace, lace!


Photo by Loverly.

For those who want to mix tradition with modern design, white or pale pastel cakes with intricate lace details are exactly what you and your S.O. are looking for.