10 Simple Wedding Cake Ideas

Looking for a simple and timeless wedding cake to serve on your big day? Check out these ten understated ideas we spotted on Instagram sure to inspire your special dessert.

1. Opt for a smooth buttercream frosting. 

2. Go naked. 

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3. Drizzle it caramel sauce and top it off with fresh blooms. 

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4. Adorn your dessert with edible flowers.

5. Add a cute and subtle pattern. 

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6. Serve up a trendy bundt cake.

7. Try out a rustic crumb coat. Note: this means the outside is slightly iced and the icing contains crumbs from the cake.

8. Wrap your cake with sprigs of fresh herbs or greenery.

9. Be creative with your topper and leave the rest simple.

10. Add some ribbon to your cake for a touch of color.

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