4 Ways To Document And Remember Your Wedding Year

There’s something special about the first day of the year when you’ll be married. New Year’s Day can be when your upcoming wedding really starts to feel real, or when you realize that this is a year you’ll always remember. If you’re planning to get married this year, here are some ways you can savor each moment and make all the days leading up to your wedding just as memorable as the big day.

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1. Do a “photo a day” challenge.

Either take a picture of something you experience each day, or use prompts like these to give you some ideas. Finding something worth capturing each day makes every day feel a little more special and is so nice to have at the end of an exciting year. You could also post them to your wedding website or start a blog just for them.

2. Use a journaling app to document each day.

We love the Day One app, which makes it really easy to take notes on what you did each day and to add photos. Set it to remind you to update each night before bed so you don’t miss a day.

3. Create a wedding Advent calendar.

We spotted this idea on A Practical Wedding and love it! Each half of the couple writes down love notes, memories, or inside jokes on slips of paper, and these little notes make up the days of the calendar. Opening them and reading them together every day is a sweet ritual to make part of your premarital routine.

4. Make a scrapbook. 

We’re big fans of Becky Higgins’ Project Life system of scrapbooking. It’s a low-stress way to make a scrapbook and is a perfect use for all those pictures sitting on your phone. If you prefer to go digital, you can make all of your pages on your computer and then print them to put into the Project Life album. Include the big things (like your save-the-dates and your engagement photos) and the small things (like movie ticket stubs, receipts from vendors, and the argument you had about which stamps to buy). It’s a great way to document all the moments leading up to your wedding. (And if you have or want children, they’ll love to flip through it someday!) Working on it with your sweetheart is a great weekly date.

Already married? These ideas work for your first year of marriage too!




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