10 Registry Must-Haves to Avoid a Cookie-Cutter Wedding Wish List

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The wedding registry is a big day detail that many couples don’t think about until they’re standing in the middle of a department store, scanner in hand, looking at floor after floor of fancy china, suitcases, and towels. But thanks to Zola, putting together your wedding wish list just got a whole lot more fun and personal. It’s the new online wedding registry made for the modern couple that wants to take the time to make a tailor-made list. There are unique items (like bikes and monthly cheese subscriptions!) and customizable home pages (no two love stories are exactly the same, after all) that will really help you build a registry that reflects your relationship. Not sure what to sign up for? Here are 10 things you should definitely consider to get the most out of your big day gifts.

1. Your culinary one-stop-shop. If you like to cook, there are some kitchen appliances that are worth upgrading when you tie the knot…namely your blender. Forget those wimpy tools that claim they can puree just about anything; the Vitamix Professional Series 500 Blender can literally make everything from smoothies to soups to spreads. This is definitely a kitchen upgrade worth treating yourselves to!

2. Pops of color for your prep work. Looking to add a little flair to your kitchen but don’t want to sacrifice space? Get some colorful accessories that can fit into cabinets and drawers, like this Joseph Nest 7-Piece Prep Set. You’ll never forget where that teaspoon is ever again.

3. Pretty everyday plates. You’re going to use your causal plates every single day, so why not get something you’ll enjoy looking at on a regular basis? The Kate Spade Charlotte Street Line comes in a gorgeous blue and is very durable (these plates are dishwasher, microwave, and oven-to-table safe). And, if you decide at the last moment that you want the striped plates over the polka dot ones, you can use Zola’s Virtual Exchange tool, which lets you swap out your gifts before they ever even ship.

4. Space-saving goods. If you and your partner are living in tight quarters, you’re going to need to get crafty with your registry. The Breville Mini Smart Oven is perfect for a kitchen that’s lacking in counter space because it multitasks like a pro. It comes fully tricked out with bake, broil, and roast settings…plus one just for warming up cookies. Not too bad for a kitchen appliance!

5. Some fun coasters. No matter what your drink of choice is, you’ll need something to put that frosty beverage on in between sips (you don’t want to ruin that new wooden side table, do you?). So stock up on some coffee table-worthy coasters! But don’t settle for the boring old corkboard ones that you had in college. If you’re from Connecticut and your beau is from California, get in on the whole East Coast vs. West Coast battle with these coasters from Reed Wilson Design.

6. A terrific throw. We believe that Sundays were made for snuggling, so you definitely shouldn’t underestimate the power of a nice, warm blanket. This Nine Space Bali Throw comes in fun colors, but the simple design means it will work in just about any room of your newlywed house. Plus, it will make your home look oh-so-cozy, chic, and pulled together.

7. A beautiful bike. Whether you pedal to work, made a New Years’ resolution to exercise more or just like biking with your beau to explore (or, let’s be honest…to get ice cream), a brand new bike is a great gift. And sure, the Linus Dutchi 3 (in Sage) is a bit on the pricey side, but thanks to Zola’s genius Group Gifting option, you can allow multiple friends to contribute to big ticket items like this.

8. Something from your favorite local store! If you’re not really into the big name brands, but want EVERYTHING from that adorable little shop around the corner from the office, you don’t have to settle when it comes to your registry! As long as your favorite small businesses have an online store, you can add whatever your heart desires to the list thanks to Zola’s “Add To Zola” Button. It just pulls the item’s important information for you and neatly puts it on the registry.

9. An extraordinary experience. At the end of the day, your registry should be about the life you and your partner are planning to build together after you say your “I dos.” So while those plates will definitely come in handy, what matters most is the time you spend together. So think about what you two like to do together — whether it’s drinking fine wines, eating the ALL the cheese or learning a new language — and find a hands-on activity to put on your wish list.

10. A honeymoon (or straight up cash) fund. Who says you have to register for things or experiences? Maybe you just want to be able to plan your dream vacation for some one-on-one time after the wedding. Or perhaps you really do just need some extra money to help put a down payment on a house. No matter what you want (or need!) to make sure you start your married life off on the right foot, Zola has you covered. So add that airfare, request help with the renovation or ask your nearest and dearest to support your general life goals. It’s your registry, you can do whatever you want!


Need more registry inspiration? Don’t worry. Zola has some Starter Collections that are full of suggestions to help get the wish list ball rolling. They also have a handy Registry Guide available, which walks you through some of the essentials you’ll definitely want to register for.

Once you’ve built your list and sent it out to all your loved ones, you need to make sure you stay organized so you can thank everyone for their generosity. Luckily Zola came up with a clever way to track and manage your gifts. Their Gift Tracker lets you see who gifted what (and when) while the Send it Later option lets you control exactly when your gifts ship. So no more worrying about having them arrive when you’re out of the country for work or in the middle of a big moving day.

And we have a Loverly little bonus for you! When you set up your wedding registry on Zola, you’ll receive $25 in Zola credit! The credits will be placed into your account four weeks after your registry goes live, so it’s time to build that wedding wish list, Loverlies.

You must start (but don’t need to publish) your registry between February 18, 2015 and May 18, 2015 to be eligible.

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