11 Reactions You’ll Definitely Have While Registering

Ready to do the registry circuit in preparation for the big day? From total shock to complete devastation to everything in between, here are eleven reactions you or your partner will totally have while registering for your wedding.

1. I’m sorry… These sheets cost how much?

2. Backordered!?

3. Ok, but do we really need 20 place settings?

4. What do you mean you don’t think we need a juicer?

5. Is it just me, or are all of these towels exactly the same?

6. Pause. The KitchenAid comes in how many colors?

7. Ok, I don’t even know what a pasta extruder is…

8. But I swear I’m going to start making my own ice cream!

9. Why is it called “flatware” anyway?

10. Cloth napkins?

11. Did you just ask me to hand over the scanner gun?

All GIFs via Giphy

–By Kayla Barr


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