5 Things You Really Need to Remember When Browsing Online Wedding Inspiration

Millennial nearlyweds are living in a whole new wedding world. Instead of dog-earing magazine pages and scrapbooking clippings, we’re following inspiring vendors on Instagram, Pinning our favorite DIYs, double-tapping on Instagram and liking all those big day photos on Facebook.

While this endless inspiration can be incredibly helpful, it can also cause confusion and add unwelcome pressure. Couples worry that their weddings won’t be good enough, creative enough, or personal enough, and it can pretty much drive them mad. So, before you start collecting ideas and expectations for your wedding online, here are five things to consider:

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1. What was the budget for this idea? Before you compare your wedding to one that’s totally beyond budget, consider how much it would cost to duplicate the idea in your inspiration photo. If it seems realistic and attainable, great. But, if a 30 ft long flower wall seems like a stretch, keep browsing for inspiration that is better suited to your event. (and checkbook!)

2. Is this idea taken from a real wedding or a styled shoot? This one is important! To showcase their talents and creativity, many vendors will team up to create brilliantly styled wedding shoots…for a party of two. Make sure you consider whether this idea was created for a small intimate setting or a scale-able real-life wedding. For example, you probably can’t have hand-calligraphed vintage china plates for each guest at a real wedding, but you might be able to have calligraphed escort card in an awesome display. See the difference?

3. Where and when was this couple’s wedding located? This is especially important when looking at flowers and sweets! Of course, you might love that peony and dusty miller bouquet, but depending on where you live and the season in which you’re getting married, that might not be realistic (ie your flowers will wilt or are not in season in December). Same goes with desserts! Sure those 6 mix and match cakes might look great sitting out on vintage cake stands at a rustic wedding, but if you are getting married in July, your cakes might melt! To avoid issues with seasonality and location, check with vendors before committing to an idea!

4. Are you a DIY-er? If you’ve never picked up a hot glue gun in your life, don’t decide to craft 200 favors. There are certain DIY projects that don’t require any crafting pre-requisites, but more often than not, a DIY project is harder than you think. If you over-commit or over-estimate your level of craftiness based on something you saw on Pinterest, you could end up with a heap of unnecessary last-minute stress.

5. Was this photo shot by a professional photographer? This goes hand-in-hand with number 4! Photographers can often turn something simple into something incredibly beautiful. They know how to work the background, light, and color, so don’t be upset if your DIY doesn’t look the same as it does in the photograph. We promise yours is just as great as theirs IRL!

If you remember these five things, you’ll be well on your way to finding beautiful and attainable wedding inspiration without playing the comparison game!

–By Alexia Conley

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