Why It’s SO Necessary to Take Wedding Planning Time-Outs

If you’re not careful, wedding planning can consume your life. Okay, okay, we know that might sound like a pretty bold statement, but it’s actually kind of true: Once you start having dreams about which plates you should rent, or contemplating whether you should email the caterer a third time this week with yet another question, it’s time to take a break.

You may feel like there’s too much on your plate to step back from wedding planning but, trust us, you’ll be glad you did. Here’s why a time-out can be just what you need.


1. For your own sanity.
Seriously, nightmares about your wedding rentals can happen. And, when they do, you might actually wake up shaken. You don’t want to get to the point where you’re losing sleep over whether you should go with the gold-rimmed plate and the seagrass charger or the white plate and the gold resin charger. Don’t worry-they’re both beautiful!

2. For your relationship.
Make sure your relationship isn’t getting the short end of the deal! If you think you might be neglecting your partner for your to-do list, it’s time to put your wedding planning on hold and plan a date night instead. If you’re both feeling overwhelmed consider a standing weekly date or dinner that’s wedding-free where you can just enjoy each other.

3. For managing your expectations.
Your wedding may not be perfect. Nope, not even if you create a to-the-five-minute timeline independent of your coordinator. Not even if you iron all 250 napkins for the dinner yourself. Not even if you make the most detailed of to-do lists for the week of. Like all things in life, unexpected stuff just happens. So, if you spend all of your time and energy before the wedding over-planning, you’re sure to be disappointed when something inevitably doesn’t go as planned.

4. For being able to see your event with fresh eyes.
If you feel indecisive and anxious about the wedding, step back and take a breather from the blogs, magazines, and websites for a good week. That way, when you do go back to all that beautiful inspiration, your brain will have had time to rest and recharge.

5. For reminding you what really matters.
At the end of the day, your wedding has one purpose: For you and your partner to get married. Forget that during your planning process and you’re essentially missing the whole point. By taking a wedding planning time-out, you’ll be able to refocus on what matters most—the major life step you’re about to take and all the wonderful people who will be coming to support you. When you think of all the love your wedding will have, the details end up being just that, details.

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