ManServants: The New Bachelorette Party Idea That Sounds Kind of Awesome

We already know that maybe you don’t want a stripper at your bachelorette party. Now a new San Francisco company is offering an, um, interesting alternative: the ManServant. Watch their ad (warning: you may want to put in headphones if you’re watching in the office!) to learn more…

Basically, ManServants allows you to hire a hot guy for a bachelorette party…but he’ll actually keep his clothes on! According to the company’s website, your ManServant’s duties include…

– Serving drinks.

– Waiting on you hand and foot.

– Taking photos.

– Giving round-the-clock compliments.

– Acting as a bodyguard.

– Cleaning up your hot mess.

You can also pay extra for a guy who has an accent, who will serenade you, or who wears a tool belt packed with essentials like extra phone chargers and a pair of flats for when you’re so over your heels. (ManServants are also available to hire for sporting events, other parties, and to help your friend out at the office.) We gotta say: we love the idea of getting a handsome helper to come along on your bachelorette outing and take pics of you and your pals for your Instagram and watch your purses when you’re hitting the dance floor. That’s probably more helpful than a guy grinding in your face and then leaving. As the ad says: “Ladies, if you hate your friend — and yourself — get her a stripper. But if you love your friend…get her a man servant.”

What do you think, Loverlies?

(h/t AdWeek)

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