Is this Man the Most Innovative Engagement Ring Designer Ever?!

These days, there are so many cool ways to incorporate new technologies into your wedding, from celebratory custom hashtags to wifi-enabled photobooths to drone videography. But cutting-edge technology isn’t just for the big day itself. In fact, even your engagement ring can even get the hi-tech treatment… and not in the way you might think.

Meet Josh Levkoff, a New York City-based jewelry designer who’s leading the charge on custom design, with a tech-y twist. But we’re not talking about GPS-enabled bling or rings with diamonds in the shape of a QR code—no, it’s Levkoff’s innovative process that makes him so unique.

When you work with Levkoff, you get to sit down with a design team to create the ring of your dreams—or even recreate one you saw in a magazine, on a blog, or even on someone else’s finger. First, the team will create a the 3-D drawing of your coveted design, then develop a computer rendering of it that’s scaled to real life—and includes the metal type, gems, settings and so on in color. Once that’s approved and all changes, if any, have been made, your design goes to Levkoff’s 3-D printer (for reals), where it comes out as a wax mold—and that mold ends up being the actual mold used to make the finished product.

The amazing thing is that, every step of the way, you get to see exactly what your ring will look like and you can even try on the 3-D printed version to make sure it’s just as you’d hoped. Pretty rad, if you ask us. He also specializes in re-vamping rings needing repair—check out some awesome tips he shared with us, here. And if you’re all set with your ring, he can even apply the same customization process to necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more.

As it turns out, our very own Chief Brand Officer Meredith Howard got the chance to work with Levkoff when her engagement ring was in dire need of repair just before her 10-year wedding anniversary. (We’re talking broken band and missing stones!) To really understand Levkoff’s ingenious process, you need to check out the video of him revamping her beloved bauble, below.

See more of Levkoff’s work here or check him out on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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