10 Reasons You Should Totally Pick Out Your Own Engagement Ring

The holidays can be a tough time for anyone who was expecting to unwrap something gold, round, and sparkly, but wound up ringless. Pair that with a mailbox full of invites to engagement parties, bachelorette weekends, and winter wonderland-themed bridal showers, and you’ve got a recipe for some serious engagement envy.

Fortunately, traditional engagement season lasts all the way through Valentine’s Day, so there’s still a chance that your S.O. has a big question to ask. But even if Cupid’s arrow doesn’t strike your bae by then, it doesn’t mean that an epic proposal isn’t coming your way soon—after all, putting a ring on it can happen any time of year. If you know that you and your other half are ready to take that next step, you can certainly jump in to move things along—especially if your guy or girl is merely stalling out of 4-C confusion (cut, carat, clarity and color, that is).

We caught up with our friends at Hint & Whisper, the site that lets you drop hints about your dream ring, and they helped us round up ten reasons you can and should use the platform to take the reins on picking out your ring. All you have to do is create a personalized profile—prepped with your ring size and style preferences—and share the site with your partner or trusted friend or family member for easy, stress-free hinting. For starters, it not only helps you score the sparkler you’ve always wanted, it also takes the pressure off your soon-to-be proposing partner-in-crime.

And if you’re feeling like cluing them into a site primed with engagement etiquette and proposal pointers may be a bit of an ambush, don’t fret! By slowly familiarizing them with the site as a means to getting you that oh-so-you birthday present or brilliant bauble for another special occasion, it can help ease their minds about using Hint & Whisper for future milestones (yep, that big-dollar diamond decision).

1. You’ll learn a whole lot. By signing up for a site with knowledgeable on-demand concierge specialists, you can be sure you know just as much about the diamonds and designers you should be taking a second look at—and your fiance-to-be will have their own of-the-minute helpline to hit up as well! The live chat function definitely comes in handy when those questions start to burn in the back of you or your babe’s head…

2. You’ll put an end to the guessing game. By creating your “Hint List,” you’ll be able to cue your crush into all of the details (color, style, etc.) you’ve gushed over since you were a little girl… because let’s be honest, you’re still nudged by nostalgia.

3. You’ll secure the right size. By creating your profile and sharing your ring size, you’ll never have to worry about your other half picking out something way too big or way too small (awkward).

4. You can say bye-bye to the back and forth. By getting on Hint & Whisper, you’ll be able to share all your engagement wishes (ring styles, size, etc.) with a friend, sister, future M.I.L. or S.I.L. and have them relay the news of your activity on the site with your intended. So long to making your messengers have to do too much dirty work!

5. You’ll likely land “the one.” By uploading your style specs and preferences, you’ll make sure you end up with something you adore and will be smitten to show off for the rest of your life. Seriously, who wants to be the girl who buys a second ring to parade around with in public?

6. You’ll get connected with a great roster of retailers. Through hopping on Hint & Whisper and chatting with their concierge team, you and your future fi (fiance, that is) will get matched with a number of great retailers that 1) are local and 2) match your taste in ‘fine frosting.’ So, if you haven’t spent much time buddying up to a trusted jeweler throughout your life, you’ll be able to make a lasting relationship with someone to outfit your jewelry needs for the rest of your life!


7. You’ll save your S.O. some serious stress. By using a site with a huge range of designers, styles and price points, you’ll save your sweetie the headaches and heartaches that come with making one of the biggest purchases of his or her lifetime.

8. You can prepare properly. By sharing your faves and giving your guy or girl a push in the popping-the-question direction, you can ready yourself for the momentous occasion, i.e. getting a baller mani you know will match!

9. You can keep dreaming. By giving your S.O. some pointers on your e-ring, you can already start setting the stage for your perfect proposal and plant some ideas about future coordinating wedding bands…

10. You’ll pretty much be a pro. By going through the engagement process using a site like Hint & Whisper, you’ll have an arsenal of resources at your fingertips, a community of others like yourself to talk to, and also a lifelong hook-up of local retailers to build a relationship with for all future purchases.

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Well, what are you waiting for? Start building your profile and dropping hints, stat!