7 Wedding Cards That Are SO Much Better Than Sappy Drugstore Finds

Skip the sappy drugstore stationery! When it comes time to give your best wishes to your college bestie, your big bro, or someone else you’re super close to, those cheesy wedding cards just won’t cut it.

For the lighthearted couple, consider one of these laugh-out-loud choices instead.

Does it get any sweeter than stick figures in love?

Card via GinBunny Prints

Say what you really mean… (Don’t worry, the inside says, “I mean, congrats on getting married!”)


Card via BEpaperie

And while we’re being honest…


Card via Rhubarb Paper Co

When you’re pretty sure the bride is super sick of being asked…


Card via Grimm and Proper

So, I guess this whole wedding thing seals the deal?


Card via Grain and Dot

Who doesn’t love a good play on words?


Card via Jade Court Paper

For the most interesting couple in the world.


Card via Yeaoh Greetings

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Cover photo by Ann & Kam Photography & Cinema via Lover.ly

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