9 Reasons An Engagement Puppy Is Better Than An Engagement Ring

We recently shared the top trends we’re hoping to see this engagement season; one of those was unique engagement gifts that aren’t necessarily rings. Like, say, an engagement puppy. Then we received the best picture and proposal story about a dog that we’d ever heard.

“We’d been talking about a dog for a while, so rather than a ring (which I absolutely did not want) he surprised me one cozy night in our living room by getting down on one knee and presenting a dog collar in my fav color, with a little heart-shaped tag that read ‘will you marry me?’. It was so sweet, and then we went together to a rescue to pick out our little doggie. Which as a result, by the way, caused us to feel like an actual family for the first time. Double plus good.”

SO good! We love that her guy listened to what she wanted (or, really, didn’t want) and that they picked out a rescue dog together! Engagement doggies for everyone! (Everyone who wants one and is able to care for one, that is.)

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons an engagement puppy is better than an engagement ring.

sleeping french bulldog with plaid bow tie

Photo by: Abby Jiu

1. You won’t accidentally stumble across a puppy in your love’s drawer, thus ruining the surprise.

Photo by: Elaine Palladino Photography

2. You’d look pretty ridiculous walking your engagement ring.

engagement puppy trend

Photo by: Jenny McCann

3. A puppy won’t have to be resized before you can show it off.

engagement puppy

Photo by: Leo Patrone 

4. An engagement ring cannot fetch.

engagement puppy trend

Photo by: Alexandra Meseke Photography

5. No need to worry about the ethics of buying a diamond…with a rescue puppy, you know you’re doing good.

engagement puppy trend

Photo by: Patricia Lyons

6. A dog is way less expensive than most engagement rings.

engagement puppy trend

Photo by: Emily Steffen

7. You don’t have to worry you won’t love the way it looks in ten years.

Photo by: Melissa Schollaert

8. Engagement rings are terrible at snuggling.

engagement puppy trend

Photo by: Love Me Do Photography

9. Unless you really love shiny things, caring for your engagement ring will probably not result in a lower risk of depression.

engagement puppy

Photo by Elizabeth Fogarty

BONUS:  No one is going to judge you and your fiance’s love based on the size of your puppy.