5 Easy Ways to Keep Guests Comfortable on Your Big Day

No matter how over-the-top or low-key your big day will be, there is one wedding goal that pretty much every couple shares. And that’s the desire to treat your nearest and dearest to an uh-mazing time!

5 Easy Ways to Keep Guests Comfortable on Your Big Day

Luckily, keeping your guests happy is super easy (and it doesn’t have to involve hiring the priciest brand or serving up a gourmet meal). Here are five simple things you can do to ensure your friends and family have the time of their lives on your big day.


1 Feed them.

From a four-course meal to punch and cake, wedding meals can run the gamut when it comes to what is served. The truth is, it doesn’t really matter all that much what you feed your guests, as long as your invitation clearly explains what meal they should expect (especially if you aren’t serving a traditional dinner). Oh, and always make sure there’s enough food to go around, so nobody gets hangry!

2 Protect them from the elements

If you’re getting married in, say, the South in the summer, it’s nice to provide shade, bug spray, and sunscreen to keep your guests comfy. Similarly, if you plan to host an outdoor affair in the fall or winter, when temperatures drop, having shawls or blankets available can really make a difference. If you have a wedding website, consider posting the forecast and let guests know what they can expect from the weather!

3 Provide relief for sore feet.

Providing socks or flip-flops for your guests is a great way to ensure their comfort, especially if you have a number of ladies who will be wearing heels and a wood dance floor. (Not the best combination for the toes!)

4 Make sure bathrooms are easily accessible.

If you’re having a large wedding, a one-stall bathroom may not be the best choice for you or for your guests. (Do you really want to hear about an overflowing toilet on your wedding day?!) Keep bathrooms in mind when selecting your venue and consider bringing in temporary bathrooms if needed — nowadays there are some super nice options that put those old porta potties to shame.

5 Help them get home safe.

If you’re not providing transportation for your guests, make sure you do share information with them on how they can get from your venue to their hotels safely at the end of the night. Whether you put the names of local cab companies on your wedding website, or hand out cards at your wedding with transportation information, you’ll want to help your loved ones find their way home with as little fuss as possible.

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