This Disney Projection Wedding Cake Is SO Rad!

If you’re dreaming of a Disney wedding—or you just love cool uses of technology—then you have to check out the wedding cake with animation that Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings brand just debuted!

According to the company’s Ever After Blog:

“With wedding cake animation that scrolls over icing like a mini movie, Disney desserts can now be transformed with fully customizable image mapping projection technology. Whether you want to showcase a photo slideshow, home video or your favorite quote fondant is refashioned into an enchanted animated canvas that is sure to impress. Your guests will be amazed as your cake quickly becomes reception entertainment—trust me, they’ve never seen a wedding cake projection quite like this!”

They’re right—we’ve never seen a wedding cake like it! And it sounds like there’s even more the technology can do, as the Stitch Kingdom blog reported in 2010 when Disney filed the patent for the cake:

“…there are varying levels of interactivity, particularly when coupled with a computer which can dynamically generate images based on how individuals are interacting with the cake. The system would be capable of detecting the topography of a cake which essentially means that if a slice were to be cut out, it could detect the missing piece and respond appropriately. For example, cut out a slice where there’s a simulated lake and you may instantly create a waterfall in which water is now represented as flowing down the sides of the new missing cake portion. Additionally, props and specially coded utensils could trigger events such as Tinker Bell flying around the cake and leaving a trail of pixie dust when someone waves a wand in front of the cake.”

Sounds pretty magical! For now, the cake mapping is only available to those who opt for a Disney Wishes Collection wedding. We can’t wait to see all the creative uses of this new wedding cake technology, and are curious whether it will become available for non-Disney weddings in the future.

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