10 Creative “Something Blue” Details to Work Into Your Wedding Day

You know the saying! Here are ten creative “something blues” that will game change your big day.

1. Put your pup in a cute blue tie.

Stevie Dee Photography2
Photo by Stevie Dee Photography

2. Opt for a blue satin wrap around your bridal bouquet.

No Worries Event Planning - David Zentz
Photo by David Zentz
Event Design by No Worries

3. Pick out a pair of gorgeous blue suede pumps.

HoneyFitz Events - Erika Parker Photography
Photo by Erika Parker Photography
Event Design by HoneyFitz Events

4. Wear a navy sash for a pretty pop of color.

Luxe Event Productions - love lit weddings
Photo by Love Lit Weddings
Event Design by Luxe Event Productions

5. Slip into a pair of pastel sneakers.

Jessica Elizabeth Photographers2
Photo by Jessica Elizabeth Photography.

6. Get your groom in a sweet blue suit.

Taylor Abeel Photography2
Photo by Taylor Abeel Photography.

7. Cover your tables in luxe navy sequin linens.

Michelle Garibay Events - Alante Photogtaphy
Photo by Alante Photography
Event Design by Michelle Garibay Events

8. Dress your bridesmaids in beautiful blue gowns.

Feathered Arrow - Giny Ann Photography
Photo by Giny Ann Photography
Event Design by Feathered Arrow Events

9. Pair blue glasses with a printed blue runner.

Sterling Social - Krista Mason Photography - hidden garden flowers
Photo by Krista Mason Photography
Event Design by Sterling Social
Florals by The Hidden Garden

10. End your reception with a colorful paper streamer send-off!

Signature, Event Consulting & Design - Gary and Courtney Christenson Photography2
Photo by Gary and Courtney Christensen Photography
Event Design by Signature Event Consulting & Design

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