5 Feel Good Way to Show (and Share) Your Love This Valentine’s Day

Twenty billion dollars will be spent on Valentine’s Day gifts this year. Wowza! If all we really need is love, then what are we spending so much money on? From DIY to old school cool, stand out and give back in honor of your favorite people at virtually no cost. Here’s how:

5 Feel Good Way to Show (and Share) Your Love This Valentine’s Day, charitable valentine's day, valentines day charity donation

1. Create a photo or video montage.
Compile your favorite photos, snaps, and video clips of you and your Valentine. Weave them together using software like iMovie, an online platform like Movie Maker, or go lower tech and create a slideshow with PowerPoint. Zero tech works, too! Print your favorite images, grab a glue stick, and get to work!

Recommended for: Your BFF

2. Donate in honor of your Valentine.
If flowers and chocolates aren’t their thing, share the love with those in need. Websites like Heartful.ly allow you to make donations in the name of your Valentine for items like blankets and clean water for refugees. If you’re feeling extra generous, set up a monthly recurring donation in their name with nonprofits like the ACLU, Human Rights Campaign, or the Humane Society.

Recommended most for: Your squad

3. Foster a dog or cat.
Fostering is when you give a loving home to a cat or dog for a defined amount of time. Fostering together can be a great bonding activity–not to mention it will provide some pretty solid intel into what raising another *ahem* living thing might be like. Learn more about the process.

Recommended most for: Your fiancé

4. Volunteer together.
Volunteering is a fantastic way to spend quality time together, while making a difference in your community. VolunteerMatch is a great resource for finding opportunities in your area. You can search by date, location, and causes you care about. In NYC? Check out DEED, a new on-demand app that makes volunteering easy and super social.

Recommended most for: A new relationship

5. Create an old school coupon book.
Remember second grade when you made your mom a coupon book promising to take out the trash and make your bed? Up the ante with hugs, kisses, or a “special dance” and you’ve got a sweet and memorable gift that keeps on giving. Need more inspiration? Pinterest FTW.

Recommended for: Your live-in significant other