5 Buttercream Cakes That Will Game Change Your Big Day

Move aside for a minute, fondant! If you’re looking for a wedding cake that’s a serious standout on your special day, then you and your S.O. should definitely consider buttercream. It’s a versatile (and delicious) option that can be beautifully intricate or stunningly minimal.

While this popular frosting pick has been around for quite a while, we’re all about more modern applications. Take a look these five on point buttercream designs that are beyond sweet.

1. Watercolor

This fresh trend is quickly gaining momentum. It can be playful or elegant, depending on how you dress it up and which colors you use. Your baker will use something called the “smooth buttercream method” to achieve this pretty painterly look.  

2. Ombre

Ombre has been going strong for a few years now (and it’s one of our most requested designs!). It looks stunning on sweets, and offers a gorgeous opportunity to incorporate your big day color palette into your dessert spread.

3. Semi-Naked

Sometimes, less really is more. That’s why we love the look of delicious cake peeking through sweet swiss buttercream. Traditional wedding cakes are typically frosted in all white, but more and more couples are opting to bare it all (or at least some of it) with naked and semi-naked cakes.

4. Flowers

Florals can be super classic, but not all buttercream blooms are created equal. Piped flowers that mimic fresh arrangements are all the rage, and such a great alternative to the real deal. By varying the petal colors, you can the look of all different blooms on your cupcakes or cake no matter what the season.

5. Gold Leaf

Metallics are so hot right now and gold is at the top of the trend list. Each week, we turn out so many desserts with hints of the shiny hue! Gold leaf is one of the more gorgeous options and it’s an awesome addition to any buttercream wedding cake.

Loving these modern buttercream beauties? Try out our techniques for yourself by visiting Sugar Schoolhouse for tutorials and short tidbits on how we bake and decorate treats!

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