Bridesmaid Gifts That Do Double Duty on Your Wedding Day

You want to give your bridesmaids a thoughtful gift, but you also have a vision for them on the big day. The perfect solution? Get them a gift that meets your big-day vision and that they’ll use after the wedding! Here are 8 awesome bridesmaid gift ideas that your ‘maids will absolutely love.

1. A chic clutch
No woman can have enough clutches! Pick one that complements the bridesmaid’s dresses so they can tote around their essentials.

2. A getting-ready robe
You know those adorable photos of wedding parties getting ready together in matching robes? It’s totally possible for you! Just gift your gals the cutest robes you can find.

3. A personalized tote bag
There are always random things a bridesmaid needs to bring to the wedding. Make it easy on them with customized tote bags — monograms would be adorable!

4. A manicure set
If you want to ask all your ‘maids to paint their nails a specific color, you can make your request classier by packaging it up with other mani-pedi essentials.

5. Statement jewelry
The right necklace or earrings can make your bridesmaids extra stylish on your wedding day. If you want them all to match, pick the jewelry you have in mind and make it a gift!

6. Personalized wine glasses
Raise a glass — whether it’s full of champagne or mimosas — that matches your best friends’! Pick chic flutes or trendy tumblers and have the girls’ names engraved.

7. Customized sunglasses
Having a summer or destination wedding? Sunglasses make super fun props for photos! Instead of getting the cheap plastic ones, opt for nicer shades with each ‘maid’s name on the side.

8. Luxe makeup
Do you picture all your girls with smoky eyes or bold red lips? Give them the perfect makeup to make it happen! Splurge a little — no drugstore stuff this time — and tailor the colors to each girl’s coloring.

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