10 Perfect Bridal Shower Cocktail Recipes

Take your bridal shower to the next level with the perfection that is each of these cocktails. You and your guests will absolutely love these delicious drinks and you’ll have an added element of flare at this special celebration!

bridal shower cocktailsBlushing Bride, Bridal Shower Cocktail Ideas

1. The Blushing Bride
This little red number is perfect for any bridal get together. With champagne, peach schnapps, and grenadine, it’s bound to put a smile on everyone’s face and a blush on their cheek!

2. Fresh Strawberry Wine Cooler
A bottle of red, some fresh pureed strawberries, and lemon-lime soda…you’ve pretty much got a party there! Add your best ladies, and it’s bound to be an amazing celebration.

3. Pear Melba Martini
Pear, Chambord, raspberries, and vodka? All your bridal guests will feel like they’re on vacation while sipping on this sunset-hued concoction.

4. Lavender Champagne
This is one of the loveliest cocktails to have at your shower, with its relaxing aromatic qualities the lavender will transport you to southern France and make you feel bubbly all over!

5. Watermelon Mojito
This is the perfect cocktail for a summer bridal shower. It’s refreshing, light, and oh so tasty with watermelon, lime, and rum!

6. Candied Lemon Drop Martini
Candied lemons, citrus vodka and triple sec make this a drink you’ll absolutely want to share with your ladies!

7. Vino Francesca
Your guests will love this delicious sangria recipe. With honey, sage, and rosé, this light and delicious drink will have them clamoring for more!

8. Strawberry Rosemary Summer Cocktail
Strawberries, bourbon, and rosemary simple syrup make this concoction both tasty and pretty for you and your guests to enjoy.

9. The Drunken Orange Brunch Cocktail
Here’s a great cocktail to kick your party off with. Take tequila, orangecello, and orange jigger start your shower off right!

10. Elderflower Julep

A twist on a classic that’s sure to be a hit at your shower and any party you throw. Honey, bourbon, St. Germain, and grapefruit juice put a fresh squeeze on an old favorite!


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