The Best Places to Order Your Wedding Album

Now that your photographer has sent you all your wedding photos, and you’ve flooded your insta feed, its time to do something with all the beautiful photos. Most brides put off creating their wedding photo book but you should definitely prioritize it, because your wedding photo album is the best way to relive your wedding.  Getting a nice wedding album can be pretty expensive and take a lot of time and work, so we get why you may have been pushing it off! We’ve done all the research and  here are the best wedding albums you can easily order. Creating your perfect wedding photo album within your budget and that matches your own style is now a cinch.

Here is our list of the BEST places to order your wedding album.

1 Short, sweet, and cheap!

wedding photo album

Mixbook is an easy and affordable way to order your wedding album and is perfect if you’re looking for something short and sweet. Starting at just $15.99 for 45 pages, you can simply upload your photos from your computer and choose from many different themes like “Boho Floral,” “Vintage” or “Modern” to match your album style to your wedding. The price is so great that you could even order multiple and give them to your family and friends as a memory and thank-you present.

2 A photo bargain

wedding photo albumIf you’re someone who has a lot more photos from your wedding than only 45 pages can fit, and you aren’t looking to spend hundreds of dollars, Snapfish is your go-to! With Snapfish you’ll get up to 150 pages for only $39.99 which is total bargain! Just like other sites, you can upload your photos, choose from different themes, and play around with the format to customize your perfect style.

3 The time saver

Let’s not forget about Shutterfly! What’s so great about Shutterfly is that you can simply upload your photos, and Shutterfly will do the work for you—making, formatting, and designing your entire album for you, saving yourself a lot of time and work! Not into that? As always with Shutterfly, you can customize and personally create your own album, so that you can create the perfect wedding photobook at the right price and size for you!

4 Lasting quality

wedding photo albumIf you’re someone that’s looking for something a little more elegant, Artifact Uprising is the perfect choice.  Their hardcover albums are simple yet so stunning, with quality that will last throughout the years. Named one of “Oprah’s Favorite Things,” Artifact Uprising provides optimal photo space with up to 200 pages, so it is an investment worth spending on.  Since it was your big day, it makes sense to splurge a little on an album that will last forever!

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