7 Alternative Wedding Registry Options That Are Beyond Awesome

Alternative Wedding Registry Ideas

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You may be starting a new life together with your spouse-to-be, but there’s a good chance you already have a well-stocked kitchen and some decent linens in your life—and you don’t need any more stuff! If that’s the case, don’t feel pressured to register for those household items. Now that couples are marrying later in life, less traditional wedding registries are becoming totally acceptable! And there are tons of unconventional registries to choose from, so your guests can help support your travels, your home, or something else you really care about. Below are our favorite alternative wedding registry options!

1 The Honeymoon Registry

Perhaps the most conventional of the unconventional registry options is the honeymoon registry! If you’re unfamiliar, basically a honeymoon registry asks guests to make a financial contribution to your post-wedding getaway. The best part, though, is that your guests don’t have to feel like they’re just forking over cash. On sites like Honeyfund guests can choose which part of the trip they want to fund. You can ask for a little help paying for everything from airfare and nights at luxury hotels to romantic dinners and outdoor adventures. It’s all online, too—talk about easy!

2 The Absolutely Anything Registry

So maybe you do need a set of mixing bowls…but you don’t want to only register for household items. Your answer: sites like Zola that let you register for anything across the web. You can add the flat-screen TV from Best Buy and the bedding from Bed Bath & Beyond, and it’ll all show up in one place (making your guests’ lives way easier). On Zola they have a feature called group gifting, which allows you to break down big-ticket items (like a new car or fancy camera) into smaller chunks so your friends on a budget can make a contribution.

3 The Absolutely Anything—With Added Style—Registry

Sometimes having too many options at your fingertips makes the whole process even more overwhelming. That’s why we love Zola for registries. They’ve got just about everything you could want to register for, but the options are picked from specific, stylish brands. Plus, it’s not just things on this registry. In addition to your traditional toaster and towels, you can register for experiences (like a couple’s massage), hobby items (like camping gear) and cash gifts (like your future kids’ college funds).

4 The Homebuilding Registry

With tying the knot often comes moving in together or buying a house — which is both exciting and expensive. With registry like this, your loved ones can help you with your down payment or home renovations. After all, a wedding registry is all about helping the newlyweds start their life together!

5 The Gift Card Registry

It’s true—you can register for gift cards! On Honeyfund, your wedding guests can send you gift cards to just about anywhere, from Target and Amazon to Starbucks and Victoria’s Secret. Your more old-fashioned guests may appreciate the opportunity to give you a gift card instead of straight-up cash (and you’ll appreciate the opportunity to spend it how you want). This is a great option especially for couples who don’t have a lot of space for stuff right away but maybe moving into a new home in the near future.

6 The Crowdfunding Registry

Instead of registering for stuff, you want to register for something big—something you can’t put a name on. Maybe it’s a donation to a charity you really care about or contributions to a loved one’s medical expenses. Whatever it is, a crowdfund might just do the trick! Registries like Zola let you set up a crowd gifting campaign so your guests can contribute to something you really care about.

alternative wedding registry

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7 The Socially Conscious Registry

Why shop at big-name retailers when you can support disadvantaged artists across the world? With a registry on Seven Hopes United, you can ask for fair trade gifts. And your guests won’t feel limited by the selection — the site sells everything from cutting boards and margarita glasses to sheets and bath towels.

No matter which alternative registry you pick, keep this in mind: It’s generally a good idea to have both a traditional registry and one of these unconventional options. Your more old-fashioned guests (who can’t wrap their head around the idea of buying a wedding gift online) will greatly appreciate the option to buy you a set of silverware.

8 BONUS: The Boozey Registry

If you and your S.O. love a good glass of wine or a craft cocktail then you may want to consider this totally unique registry, ThirstyNest.  Not only can you register for wines and spirits,  but also bar furniture and drinkware. Expertly-curated bundles with a 1-Click-Registries take all of the guesswork out of building your selection.