8 Non-Traditional Bachelor Party Ideas

Sure, you could pack up your groomsmen and head to Vegas for a debauched weekend of gambling and strippers, but we know plenty of guys who’d rather do something less scandalous and — dare we say it? — more fun. If the standard bachelor party isn’t your style, here are eight creative, non-traditional bachelor party ideas.

Photo by Kimson Doan on Unsplash

1. Go zip-lining. There’s almost nothing more exhilarating than flying through the air at high speeds in a beautiful setting, so why not opt for an amazing day of adventure? There are zip-ling tours available all over the country that make for a perfect bachelor party weekend.

2. Have a backyard barbecue. For a low-key groom, this is the ultimate bachelor party. Find a friend or relative with a nice home who’d be willing to lend you the backyard for a night, kick back with a few beers and some scrumptious grub, and do a little bro-bonding before the big day. If you want to up the ante, rent a house with a pool, fire pit, or outdoor bar for the night.

3. Plan a camping trip. Head to the great outdoors with your tents, sleeping bags, and fishing poles, and rough it for a weekend. This a great way to kick back before the big day and get some much-needed space from the stress of wedding planning.

4. Rent a private box at a baseball game. Or hockey, basketball, or any other sport your friend loves. Live it up in your luxe location and hire a town car to take everyone home.

5. Rent a house for the weekend. Ask everyone to bring their video game consoles and portable ping pong tables and enjoy a weekend of gaming, relaxing, and hanging out.

6. Gamble in style at the racetrack. Forget the smoky casinos and flashing lights of Las Vegas; instead, don your most dapper duds and head to the racetrack for some high-class gambling.

7. Take a mixology seminar. Day-long mixology classes are becoming more and more popular and are available in cities across the country. Learn to whip up delicious cocktails using bespoke ingredients — then spend the evening indulging in your handiwork.

8. Road trip! Pack up the essentials and hit the road — the journey is more important than the destination. Discover a part of your state that you’ve never seen, or visit a town or landmark that’s on your bucket list. And don’t forget to pull over and enjoy the view!

–By Stephanie Hallett

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