Seemingly Frivolous Things You’ll Be Glad You Registered For

Deciding what to put on your registry can be a fraught process. On the one hand, you might be super excited about getting new stuff for your home. On the other, you might feel a little weird asking your friends and family to buy you things you may or may not actually need. Plus, how can you even know what items you might really, really want (or use!) years down the road? To help you determine what should for sure make your list, here are seven items you might be wary about putting on your registry—either because they’re pricey or you’re not sure you need them—but you really will appreciate once they’re yours. Here are some of our wedding registry tips:

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1. Super nice sheets You spend at least one third of your life in bed—and you’ll enjoy that time even more if you’re sleeping on oh-so-comfy sheets. Nice bedding is worth asking for: You’ll for sure use it and you’ll use it often. Plus, scratchy sheets are just not okay.

2. China Of all the seemingly “unnecessary” registry items, nice dishes usually tops the list. However, just because you have “good” plates and bowls doesn’t mean you can only use them on special occasions. Rather than registering for two sets of dishware—every day and only once in a while—ask for one nice neutral set of china that you can eat of off at breakfast and at Christmas dinner. Pretty plates are rad and deserve to see the light of day.

3. Champagne glasses You’re going to be clinking glasses many times over the course of your marriage so it’s important to register for a set of celebratory barware, whether it’s champagne glasses, martini glasses or beer steins. That way, whatever you’re toasting to will feel all more exciting—and fancy!

4. Top of the line knives Even if you’re not a chef, having a good set of knives just makes cooking easier. Plus, you don’t want to have to replace knives every few years when your not-so-nice ones inevitably wear out. Use your registry as an opportunity to ask for a good set and use them forever.

5. A way upgraded appliance that you’ll use everyday Still have your toaster from college or a hand-me-down coffee maker from your parents? Most of us are in that boat, too. But if you have an old appliance that you use every day, it’s time to upgrade it. Whether you ask for a pricey latte maker or top-of-the-line toaster, you’ll be glad you did. Especially since the one you have is likely almost on the outs.

6. An expensive vacuum Sounds silly but you can ask for larger appliances your registry and you should. You’ll run a vacuum at least twice a month, meaning that a good model will last you years. It’s worth using your gift list as a way to invest in quality items you can use for a long, long time.

7. The upgraded honeymoon spa package If you’re setting up a honeymoon registry, or other type of honeymoon registry, don’t feel guilty about asking for too much. Go for the dinner at the five-star restaurant or the schmancy spa package. This is the only time in your life that it’s socially acceptable to invite your friends and family to treat you like a king and queen and they will be all-too-thrilled to oblige.

-By Natasha Burton

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