13 Things Every First-Time Bridesmaid Goes Through

When you’re invited to be a bridesmaid for the first time in your life, it’s a major rush of emotions. There will be lots of smiles, tears, eye rolls, and laughs. We’ve totally been there!

If you’re embarking on your first-ever bridesmaid journey, prepare for these thirteen reactions.

1. Feeling like you just won a major award when your bestie asks you to be a bridesmaid.

2. Wondering if this is a normal amount of emails and texts to get from the bride.

3. Trying really hard to just grin and bear it during the bridesmaid dress shopping trip.

4. Struggling to find just the right amount of suggestive decor for the bachelorette bash.

5. Totally forgetting that you were expected to help with an overly complicated DIY project.

6. The sticker shock of the dress, manicure, hair, and makeup, or flights to the wedding.

7. Becoming the best small talker at the shower, engagement party, and rehearsal dinner.

8. Seriously worrying about the bride’s sanity in the last few weeks.

9. Putting together the oh-so-perfect day-of emergency kit.

10. Freaking out about walking down the aisle while everyone watches.

11. Crying tears of joy during the ceremony.

12. Putting on a brave face while you help the bride pee in her giant gown.

13. Dancing your butt off when all of the photos and speeches are done!

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