10 Thoughts You’ll Have When You’re Single AF On Valentine’s Day

Usually being single is awesome! You don’t have to compromise on Netflix shows, you get to drink the entire milkshake, and you don’t have to battle anyone for the sheets. But if you’re not boo’ed up and feeling badly about it, don’t let it get you down! That special someone is out there somewhere… so we’re here to give you some encouragement for singles on Valentine’s Day.

Encouragement for Singles on Valentine’s Day

1. Waking up and remembering what day it is.

2. When everyone you walk past is holding hands.

3. “If I receive one more Facebook invitation to a Singles Awareness Day Party”…

4. Being the only “regular coffee” order in a line of “hot chocolate and frosted donuts.”

5. When your Instagram feed is filled with (corny!) couple pictures.

6. And your Facebook feed too…

7. When your college friends start updating their Facebook status to “Engaged.”


8. So you start thinking about texting your ex…

9. And hating on the person that dreamed up this ridiculous holiday in the first place.

10. But then you come to your senses and remember YOU’RE AWESOME AF!

Stay strong, Loverlies… all the chocolate will be half price on Wednesday!

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