How-To Write the Perfect Thank You Note to Your Bridesmaids

Some of the most people in your wedding, and possibly your life, are your bridesmaids! They stood proudly by your side on one of the most important days of your life, and supported you all the way. Your wedding day memories are that much brighter because of these ladies, so you definitely want to thank them as properly and sincerely as possible! Follow these seven steps to write the perfect thank you note to your bridesmaids, and let them know how much you cherished sharing your day with them.

thank you note bridesmaids

1. Start simply by telling them how much you appreciate them.
Example: “ I cannot express to you just how much your friendship means to me.”

2. Give an anecdote of one of your favorite memories from your friendship.
Example: “ I love how we’ve always been there for each other. Remember that time we were on a girls trip in Vegas and…” (Side note: I’d like to hear the rest of that story!).

3. Follow up by noting that when you got engaged they were just as supportive as ever.
Example: “ And when I told you I was engaged, you couldn’t have been more supportive and helpful to me on this next chapter of life.”

4. After that note how wonderful it was to have them as your bridesmaid!
Example: “ Having you next to me on my wedding day made it even more special.”

5. Tell them that the day wouldn’t have been the same without them.
Example: “ I can’t imagine my wedding without you, your energy and killer dance moves made for another hilarious memory to add to our collection.”

6. Lastly, share with them that you can’t wait to do the same for them on their big day.

Example: “ I truly cannot wait until I get to support you during your wedding, and promise to give your any tips and shortcuts I learned while planning mine!”

7. End by saying thank you to them for everything, and then sign off.

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