5 Simple Fitness Hacks to Get You Feeling Ready for the Wedding

If you’re thinking of starting a pre-wedding workout plan but you’re worried about it being too time consuming, then I’ve got a surprise for you. Making small changes to your current exercise routine, could yield some pretty big results!

These five, simple fitness hacks will help you tone-up and feel good with minimal effort. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your partner and get to it!


1. Run your regular loop in reverse.

You will challenge your muscles and cardiovascular system in a whole new way by simply running your normal route in the opposite direction.

A variation in incline will challenge your heart rate (you’ll be running up when you normally run down), and recruits the less dominant, stabilizing muscles in your ankles, legs, and core as your feet strike the ground at new angles.

Plus, you’ll notice the scenery from a whole new perspective, which could be a welcome distraction from big day planning thoughts.

2. Change up the speed, tempo, and incline.

If you tend to workout with slow deliberate movements, add some speed and power to your regular routine to challenge your cardio system and burn more fat. Note: if you use weights, you will need to drop to a lighter weight.

If you’re always doing fast-paced plyometrics, slow your movements down to build lean muscle mass, which burns calories all day long.

If you’re a cardio bunny, up the speed or the incline, for short bursts, during your regular running sequence.

3. Update your fitness playlist.

Music can make or break your motivation to exercise. Now is the time to press play on some new beats, especially if you’ve been using the same playlist throughout your entire engagement!

My top workout picks this include “Phenomenal” by Eminem, and “A Praise Chorus” by Jimmy Eat World (an oldie, but a goodie).

4. Take rest days.

Over-exercising is almost as ineffective as not-exercising when it comes to getting in shape.

Exercise raises levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and creates micro-tears in the muscle fibers. While in moderation this is helpful because your body gets stronger, fitter, and leaner under pressure. However, too much exercise will lead to injury, weakened muscles, and even weight gain.

So, if you’re never having a day off, or you are working out for more than an hour a day, take a chill-pill and let your body recover.

5. Stretch it out!

Accessory (meaning smaller) muscles tend to weaken when the opposing, dominant muscles become overly tight. This not only increases the risk for injury, it can also lead to bulky biceps and saggy triceps.

Increased flexibility will help protect your muscles and joints from injury and will allow you to get a better, full-body workout.

Rather than traditional static stretching, which isn’t nearly as effective as you might think, show your muscles some love by using a foam roller or fascial release balls everyday. Ahhhhh…

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