How To Make the Most of your Wedding Day Morning

The time has come and the morning is finally here! How is there somehow STILL so much to be done? To avoid getting lost in the shuffle of the wedding morning, we’ve streamlined a few tips to help you relax and ENJOY the moments before the day starts.


1. Order breakfast. Do you and your bridesmaids have a favorite greasy spoon or bagel place? Consider orderng breakfast so that it’s there in time for when everyone arrives. Or, if you’re in a hotel, consider ordering room service. You don’t want any hangry bridesmaids while you’re trying to get ready.

2. Plan the order. With any luck, your makeup artist, photographer, and hairstylist will arrive right on time. Plan the order of who will be getting hair and/or makeup first, and communicate the plan to all of the girls. That way, all parties involved should be there on time and ready to get the show on the road.

3. Delegate. Even though the bachelorette party and bridal shower are over, make sure to designate one last (very fun) responsibility to your MOH or another bridesmaid – someone has to be in charge of keeping mimosas and water flowing! Choose your most expert bottle-popping friend and pour away (within reason, of course).

4. Create a playlist! Make sure to save a selection of your favorite jams – those that make you happy, the ones that make you laugh, and maybe a few sappy ones thrown in there too. Just be sure not to get TOO sentimental! You don’t want to be crying through your mascara application.

5. Organize your accessories. The last thing you need is to be stressing about where you put your something blue, or your grandmother’s diamond necklace. Keep your accessories in one organized place so that they’re easily accessible when you’re putting on the final touches.

6. Pack your favorite makeup. Your makeup artist will come armed with an arsenal of makeup supplies, but they may not have that “oh-so-perfect” shade of lipstick you discovered last season. Pack a small bag of your favorites to use with the makeup artist, or carry in a clutch at the after-party.

7. Email everyone the game plan. The arrival time, the hair and makeup schedule, the person in charge of champagne, etc etc etc. Emailing this ahead of time will help everyone stay organized and on the ball – leaving less time for stress and more time for fun!

8. Relax and ENJOY! After countless hours of planning and preparation, not to mention waiting your whole life to finally join forces with your favorite person forever – make sure you take the time to enjoy it! It’s easy to be nervous or stressed out on your big day, but do your best to put that aside. Breathe deeply, share a laugh, and enjoy this moment.

-written by Kim Watson

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