5 Oh-So-Unique Gifts That Will Seriously Step Up Your Registry

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Step Up Your Registry

Photo by Annie Gray 

If you’ve already registered for all the stainless steel pots and pans you’ll probably ever need, it might be time to think outside the box and consider upping your kitchen ante. After all, when else will you have the chance to stock your cabinets with the coolest one-of-a-kind goodies and gadgets out there?

Fight those post-honeymoon blues by making sure you come home to an envy-inducing kitchen. Here are five seriously stylish items, available only from Food52, that are totally worthy of your registry.

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1. A Marble Board

Step Up Your Registry

You fancy, huh? It’s time to trade in that warped wooden board for this marble beauty! This Vermont-made piece is perfect for serving up your go-to cheese assortment, but can also be used for common kitchen tasks like rolling out dough. Plus, it stays about 7º F below room temperature, preventing melty butter and drooping bries and blues.

2. A Walnut Bread Box

Step Up Your Registry

Step-up your morning routine with this solid walnut bread box that doubles as a cutting board (um, handy!). With a hole at either end for easy opening and just enough airflow to keep the bread within extra fresh, your avocado toast has never tasted so good. This is what your countertop was missing…

3. Copper Egg White Beating Bowls

Step Up Your Registry

Nervous about how your meringues will turn out? Don’t sweat it. A nifty trick to achieving a stable foam is to use copper egg white beating bowls like these French faves. The copper interacts with the proteins in the eggs, controlling the fluff and adding more volume. Plus, who says you can’t be stylish while separating whites? Now watch me whip!

4. Grey Swirl 10″ Cake Stand

Step Up Your Registry

This stand definitely takes the cake! Show off your best baked goodies on this vintage-inspired beauty. Handmade in Ohio at a family-owned factory that’s been making glass for forty years, this cake stand comes in a gorgeous cool grey with subtle pale marbling throughout.

5. Genius Recipes

Step Up Your Registry

Millennial newlyweds have grown to appreciate good food, so a go-to cookbook is a must. This signed copy of Food52’s “Genius Recipes” will quickly become a favorite, featuring more than 100 foolproof recipes from Executive Editor Kristen Miglore’s popular column and food luminaries like Julia Child, Nigella Lawson, and Michael Ruhlman. So… when’s dinner?

Now, go ahead and build your own oh-so-unique registry on Food52, and enjoy a 10% off completion bonus for six months following the wedding. Stock-up, nearlyweds!