How To Name Your Signature Wedding Cocktail

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The Ultimate Guide to Naming a Signature Cocktail 🍸🍹

Having a signature wedding cocktail is like having a wedding hashtag – #necessary. While creating a cocktail can be fun, naming the drink can be a little trickier because you want something fun or witty. Here are a few things to consider along with our suggestions…

wedding cocktails

Signature Cocktails Need Flavor and Style

Most importantly, you have to ask what the flavor profile of your cocktail is – is it sweet, tart, fruity or even savory? The flavor profile can definitely be part of its name (Sweet Caroline would be perfect for a sugary cocktail and a wedding where the bride is named Caroline). The style of drink can also dictate its name, though we recommend staying away from anything ending in “on the rocks”.

Nicknames and Jokes

Been together for a while? Then you’ll surely have nicknames for each other that could work as a cocktail name. Personal anecdote: my friend’s now-wife calls my friend the T-Rex because he has short arms. Guess what they named one of their wedding cocktails? The T-Rex. Also, if there is an inside joke that runs rampant in your friend group, feel free to use that too!


Let’s get real here – who doesn’t love a good pun? Pun-ny cocktail names are awesome! One example that comes to mind is a cocktail at The Cecil in Harlem called “About Thyme” that uses thyme-infused vodka. Just make sure the pun will make you and your guests smile.

Crowdsource Ideas 

Two heads are definitely better than one but if you’re really stuck, why not crowdsource some name ideas? Tap the bartender for their advice on names or share the cocktail recipe with friends in your group chat and let them have at it. Best name gets extra drinks!

Reference Material

Last but not least, your cocktail can be a reference to something meaningful. Maybe it’s a favorite character from a book that you and your partner both love or maybe it’s a pop icon you admire (I swear, the Madonna cocktail is real). Are you and your partner college sweethearts? Maybe the cocktail name is your college sports mascot. Either way, have fun with it!

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