8 Romantic Touches for Your Bedroom This Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re planning on tucking in with your honey or a good read, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to add a little pizazz to your bedroom. Adding Valentine’s Day decoration ideas at home will make things super intimate and thoughtful.  After all, it’s cold outside, it’s still getting dark early and the most important person the room needs to look inviting for is you.

Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas at Home

valentine's day decoration ideas at home

Add flowers: This is a no-brainer, but adding gorgeous bouquets and flowers everywhere in your home will add an instant touch of romance in your home. Especially on Valentine’s Day, choose colors that symbolize love: reds and pinks!

Bridge Street Residence Bedroom

Use restrained pops of color. A clean, light space is restful, and pops of hot pink via the plaid throw and vase full of blooms add that extra Valentine’s touch.

Camilla Molders Design
Get the lighting right. Dimmable lights help set a mood for romance, or just relaxing.

J. Hirsch Interior Design Portfolio

Make the most of textiles. Soft touches like luxurious bedding, throw rugs, upholstery and drapes create an inviting boudoir.

Interior Design and Decorating

Go symmetrical and dark. Of course, not everything has to be pastel and fluffy. A darker more streamlined room gives off a sexy vibe.

Personal Home Tour

Make the most of an accent wall. Woodsy wallpaper adds a romantic vibe to this minimalist room.

NW homes

Make the most of your views. The windows in this room give it a lofty treehouse feel. This room also incorporates a boatload of diverse textures in a contemporary way.

Crisp Architects

Light a fire. A cozy fireplace warms a room in more ways than one.

Woodside Residence

Turn up the volume, just a notch or two. This room is beautifully and thoughtfully appointed, yet something about the pop of bold color from the bedding and that modern ring chandelier give it just the right touch of saucy shagadelic-ness.