How to Learn Calligraphy Before the Big Day

Snail mail is pretty much a novelty these days (except when it comes to bills and credit card offers), so a beautiful hand addressed envelope is one of the best things you can find in your mailbox… That’s why putting pen to paper to address your wedding invites is the perfect personal touch, and one your guests are sure to appreciate.

If you’re considering taking on the task, we’ve got the six tips to help get you started.

How to Learn Calligraphy

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1. Give yourself time.

Learning a skill like calligraphy can take months and month of practice. Don’t expect to just grab a pen and start addressing invitations. If you want the perfect final product, give yourself plenty of time to hone your craft.

2. Find a great teacher.

Rather than simply trying to copy calligraphy found online, or tracing letters of the alphabet, consider turning to online classes or in-person workshops. Laura Hooper offers web online tutorials and personalized instruction that will put you on the road to becoming a pro.

3. Do your research.

Well-made supplies are key to calligraphy! If you’re using bargain pens and ink, your writing won’t be as smooth and clean as it should be. Invest in a calligraphy guide along with the appropriate tool kit to have your letters looking totally profesh.

4. Wear dark clothing while you work.

Accidents happen, and when ink is involved, it gets messy. When writing, remember to wear dark covered clothing, and be sure that you’re donning garments that you don’t mind getting dirty.

5. Order extra paper and envelopes.

Even with the help of the pros and the best supplies, you’re going to make mistakes. Be patient with yourself, and come prepared. Practice first on plain, inexpensive calligraphy paper before taking your skills to the invitations. And once you’re there? Order plenty of extras in case you slip up. Just be sure that the material of the invitation paper takes to the ink well and doesn’t bleed.

6. Take your talents beyond the envelope.

If you really get the hang of it, look into garnishing place-cards, thank you notes, table numbers, and favor tags with the artsy scripture. Now that you’ve gained such a creative talent, put it to good use!

Looking for more information on hand-writing your own invitations? We’ve got you covered with calligraphy inspo, everything you need to know about wedding paper products, and don’t forget the thank you notes!

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