How to Not Look Like a Hot Mess at Your Morning-After Brunch

The morning-after brunch is often considered the least important wedding event—which makes sense because it comes just after the big day. (Talk about an overshadow!) That said, you still want to treat this part of your festivities with as much care as the rest.

This means that, as tempting as it might be, you probably can’t roll into brunch like you just rolled out of bed. (If that’s what you want… don’t have a brunch and do breakfast in bed for two instead!) But how can you make yourself presentable after one of the biggest, longest, most emotional days of your life? This seven-step plan will have you looking your best with the least possible amount of effort.

Bridesmaids Brunch | Jeana M. Photography



1 Be realistic when scheduling a time.

Yes, your parents might be pushing for a 9 am breakfast so your out-of-town guests will be able to make the event—and their early afternoon flights, but, seriously, you’re not going to want to have to get up early the morning after your wedding (and most guests your age won’t either). Getting an extra hour of sleep will make all the difference in how you look and feel the next day.

2 Drink water.

Before you go to bed—before you pass out!—try to drink a full glass of water and definitely have one when you wake up the next day. (Or drink decaf tea.) No matter if you imbibed at your wedding or not, water will help make up for any lack of sleep and inevitable exhaustion from such a full day, reviving you from the inside out.

3 Shower.

While you want to get as much sleep as possible, don’t set your alarm for 20 minutes before the brunch starts. Make sure you (both!) have time to shower—and wash the endless amounts of product out of your hair—without having to rush around like crazy.

4 Have your outfit ready to go.

You’re still the bride (even the day after!) so you don’t want to show up to your brunch in rumpled clothes. Choose your outfit how you would for any other wedding-related event, iron it if needed, and hang it on hangers, even if you’re going casual. Fresh, pressed clothes go a long way to making you look put together.

5 Do an updo.

You may not have time—or the energy—to do your hair. Which is more than fine! Rather than arrive with damp, air-drying locks, wind your hair up into a bun and secure with one of these super cute bun pins by CA Makes. You’ll look instantly chic with zero effort.

6 Apply minimal makeup.

Keep your face simple with powder, blush, mascara, and lip gloss. Fresh-faced is far better than a quickly-applied full face…or last-night’s face, for that matter. (Yes, the false eyelashes you slept in need to be peeled off.)

7 Arrive fashionably late.

While you don’t want to show up an hour after the brunch’s start time, it’s okay to be 15 minutes behind schedule if that means you can take a bit more time to put yourself together and re-center yourself for another round of talking to a bunch of people all at once.

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