How to Get an “I-Actually-Love-It” Engagement Ring

When you’re ready for a ring, Thanksgiving isn’t just about turkey and pumpkin pie! It also marks the start of engagement season — a time when eager lovebirds wonder when they’ll finally have a chance to say “yes” and sly romantics start plotting the best ways to propose. But there’s one thing that’s really stressing both sides out: the ring.

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Regardless of how well you think you know each other, you can’t exactly anticipate when your partner will propose and what shiny hardware they’ll come armed with. Sure, you can hint that you’re ready to walk down the aisle by “accidentally” leaving 7 Things That Prove You’ve Definitely Found The One up on your laptop when you hit the kitchen for a snack during “Ben and Lauren Happily Ever After” commercial breaks. You can casually double-tap every picture-perfect proposal on Loverly’s Instagram feed while your partner just so happens to have an eye on your screen. But how do you show your S.O. what rings are actually at the top of your wish list? Remember, he or she is probably just as worried about selecting a sparkler you’ll love as you are about sharing your favorite finds.

Well, enter Hint & Whisper! This genius new platform is designed to let you drop hints about your dream ring, while helping your other half find the perfect pick (and offering up some wedding proposal ideas along the way). The site enables you you to create a personalized profile, prepped with your ring size and style preferences, that can be shared with your partner for easy, stress-free hinting. Meanwhile, the partner doing the question popping can dig for the important details without spilling any proposal plans.

Already sound too good to be true? Here are more reasons we are totally obsessed:

You can fine-tune your taste. 

Yes, you’ve probably envisioned the bling you’d like on that finger for years, but when it comes down to choosing the ring, it’s a pretty big decision and one that shouldn’t come without reasonable research. Through Hint & Whisper, you can explore your options, take a quiz to discover your true ring style (classic, vintage, modern, unique), and save your faves.

You can make your wishes low key.

 Instead of dragging your future fiance to every jeweler for a tedious sparkler style and size show-and-tell, you can log on to Hint & Whisper and make a “Hint List,” wrapping all of your wants up in bow for your bae. Once you’re ready, you can share it with your partner directly if you’re feeling bold enough, or entrust a gatekeeper — mom, sis, best friend — to spread the news.

You can lay the groundwork.

If you’re not quite in the please-put-a-ring-on-it phase of your relationship (but you’re pretty certain you’ve found “the one”), it’s actually the perfect time to introduce your  S.O. to Hint & Whisper. Create a profile to start hinting at what you’d like for the holidays, and solicit one of your nearest and dearest to give your guy or girl a heads up. Once the site is on your other half’s radar, you can be sure he or she will come back when it’s time to pick your forever sparkler.

Your partner can ask without really asking.

Some couples feel completely comfortable venturing to the jeweler together to pick out the goods. But for some, it doesn’t happen that way and the proposal process is more of a hushed secret. With Hint & Whisper, your spouse-to-be can either search for your email address to see if you’re already a member or send you a friendly hint of their own!

Your S.O. can plan out the perfect proposal.

Once your guy or gal has got everything filed away (including your ring size and preferred styles), they can put the finishing touches on how they’ll pop the question. They can tap Hint & Whisper’s exclusive engagement ring and fine jewelry network, with brands like A.JAFFE, Kwiat, and Hearts on Fire at the ready, and browse through some helpful pointers on romantic ways to propose.

Your spouse-to-be can get the 411 on any 911 situation. If your guy or gal is feeling especially nervous or just needs some extra help, they can chat live with their own on-demand concierge specialist at Hint & Whisper. From diamond education to savvy style support and ring-cut recommendations, these pros are accessible on-site and via text, and ready to dive into any details to ensure a perfectly streamlined shopping experience.

After the engagement has gone down, couples can continue using the site to navigate what comes next, whether that’s advice on cleaning and caring for your ring or how-to insure it, or tips and brands to consider for future fine jewelry purchases (yep, Hint & Whisper’s got the hook up for day-of wedding accessories, birthday and anniversary gifts, push presents, you name it!). Seriously, where has this been all of our lives?