5 Date Activities That Will Absolutely Make You Fall More in Love

Most of us could use a little help when it comes to being more creative with date night activities. Dinner and a movie is just so… well… been there, done that a billion times, right?

Instead of just doing the same-old, same-old, try your hand at a little creative planning and break outside the box with your activity of choice. In fact, you may even want to try doing something that scares you, just a little, to fall even more in love with each other during the experience.

The following five activities have the perfect combination of romance and trepidation to bring you and you partner even closer together. (Hey, if it works on The Bachelor, it can work for you, right?)

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Photo by Anita Martin Photography 

1. Going on a road trip

From navigating driving directions, to stopping at picturesque scenic overlooks, to sampling local food, taking a long, long drive with your partner is a great way to take in new sights and learn so much about each other. The fear factor, of course, is being stuck in a car with each other for hours on end…which can either be awesome or terrible.

2. Sailing

Whether you actually sail on the high seas or just row in a kayak or small boat, getting off dry land together is bound to be an experience to remember. (Reenacting the “Kiss the Girl” scene from The Little Mermaid is highly encouraged, especially if you’re in a row boat.)

3. Ice-skating

Relationships are all about finding balance and so is this winter activity. You’ll be all bundled up and cozy, plus you’ll get to crack up every time you wobble and almost fall. (Or actually fall, let’s be honest.) Post-skating hot chocolate makes this date extra sweet.

4. Trying a cooking class

If you’re so not the culinary types, get out of your comfort zone by learning how to make your favorite kind of cuisine together. You’ll have a blast learning from a pro—and you can take your new skills back home with you to practice cooking for each other.

5. Bungee-jumping

Certainly not for the faint-of-heart, this activity definitely has the terror-factor going for it. In facing a fear together, and trusting each other that it will all be okay, you’ll for sure feel that bond grow.