How to Create a Custom Ink Color Like a DIY Calligraphy Queen (VIDEO)

Maybe you’ve decided to hand address your wedding invitations or you’re writing all of your guests’ names on escort cards like a total bridal boss… Whatever the DIY calligraphy task, a couple of helpful hints from a pro probably wouldn’t hurt, huh?

DIY Calligraphy Queen

Well, meet Eliza Gwendalyn, calligrapher to the stars (and everyday brides and grooms just like us, too). We had the chance to chat with Eliza, and one of our biggest questions was: how on earth can a couple create a custom ink color to perfectly match their wedding palette? We all know how long it takes to pick out the perfect Pantones, so who wants to settle on a not-quite-right ink shade? Read on to see what she had to say…

A tube of Winsor & Newton ink
A single large dinky dip jar with a cap
A pipette
White or black Winsor & Newton gouache ink depending on whether you’re making a lighter or darker hue

1. Open your large dinky dip jar and fill 1/4 of the jar with your ink.
2. Take the water and fill the jar up until it is 1/3 filled with the ink & water compound.
3. Close the top and shake vigorously for 2 minutes.
4. Open the jar and take your pipette to gently mix the compound a little more.
5. Take your pen & nib and test the quality of ink. Your goal is to create the perfect milky texture, as thick as milk. If the ink is too opaque and watered-down you will need to add more ink. If the ink is too thick and clumpy you will need to dilute it by adding more water with a pipette. Go slow and gentle until you reach that perfect milky consistency.

Video shot by NST Pictures

Budget Friendly Tip: Eliza spilled that she sometimes uses the tip of her holder or the tip of a paint brush as her mixer instead of purchasing a pipette to save a little cash. But, she adds, the beauty of the pipette is its dual purpose: water dropper & ink mixer!

DIY Calligraphy Queen


Are you already obsessed? Head over to Instagram and tell us what you’d name your custom ink color for a chance to be one of three lucky winner taking home Eliza’s one-of-a-kind calligraphy set. It features her signature shade, Petunia Pink!