A Citrus-Kissed Wedding Bouquet How-To

Calling all bright color-loving brides! This sweet DIY was destined for you: Vibrant citrus fruit adds some serious summertime vibes to a bold ‘n’ beautiful bouquet. The best part? Putting this stunner together is crazy-easy and the final result is oh-so-impressive.
What You Need

3-4 clementines
5-6 key limes
Wide ribbon
Wooden skewers
Assorted colorful flowers
Straight pin

We opted for li’l key limes and clementines in our summery arrangement because we thought the bright orange would provide a pretty pop against the hot pink and fuchsia flowers — but you can use any fruit your heart desires!

Step One
Gather your flowers up into a single bouquet. Space out the different colored buds, and intersperse them with greenery to create an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. At this point, you don’t want to wrap the ribbon too tightly around the base, so just loop it around once or twice and tie in a bow. Note: you don’t need fancy flora! These flowers came from a mere grocery store.

Step Two
Next, use your wooden skewers, and gently pierce your limes. Cut your clementines in half, and then do the same with them. Be careful with the clems — you don’t want to go all the way through so that the pointy end of the skewer shows!

Step Three
Place your fresh fruit-tipped skewers into the bouquet, spacing them out evenly to add bright bursts of color and texture. Then, undo the bow, and tightly wrap your ribbon around the base of your bouquet multiple times, securing it at the end with a straight pin. And boom — you are done!

All Photos via ModCloth

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