How To Make It Out of Wedding Season Alive

As a guest, wedding season can be terrifying. Between the engagement parties, bachelor parties, bridal showers, and actual weddings to attend, the whole season can be a downright scary thing. And anyone that’s been invited to multiple weddings in one year knows exactly what we mean. Luckily for all you overwhelmed wedding attendees, we’ve put together 8 tips to make it out of wedding season 2018.

Wedding Season Alive

Photo: Luna Asdrubal 


1 Slap a smile on

Maybe you’re less-than-thrilled when your friend tells you she’s engaged because all you can think about is how much you’ll have to do for the wedding. Unfortunately, you’ve got to keep those feelings to yourself and be happy for your friend. Put a smile on — at least while you’re around the to-be-weds.

2 Pitch in for a joint gift

We get it; buying all those wedding and engagement gifts can be pricey. Soften the blow to your bank account by splitting the cost of a gift with a friend or relative (or a few of them!). Go in on a big-ticket item together, and you’ll get to look super generous without forking over an entire paycheck.

3 Say “no” to being in the wedding party

Sure, declining an invitation to be a bridesmaid or groomsman can feel awkward. But if your schedule is already jam-packed with weddings and you’ve already to be asked to be in a few of them, it’s totally okay to skip a few. After all, being in the wedding party can be expensive and time-consuming! It’s a big responsibility, so if you’re not up for the challenge, bow out early.

4 Decline invitations, if you must

If you decide that you’re going to attend every wedding, bachelorette weekend or shower that you get an invite to, you could end up exhausting yourself. Remember, you’re allowed to politely RSVP “no” if you just can’t cut it. Sleep and work and other things in life are important, too. Just be sure to send the couple some well-wishes — a nice card will do!

5 Plan friend time with NO wedding talk

When you’re close to someone who recently got engaged, it can feel like all they talk about is planning the wedding — which can get real old, real fast. Kindly tell your friend that you need a little non-wedding chat and plan a happy hour or movie night where relationship talk is off-limits. You’ll both end the night feeling a little saner.

6 Hang out with your single friends

It might feel like you’re the only one who’s not tying the knot, but chance are, you’re not alone. Schedule some time with other single friends to rant about wedding season — you’ll be relieved to get all those frustrations off your chest without ruining your relationship with those getting hitched.


7 Plan a vacation around a destination wedding

If your sibling or BFF plan an out-of-town wedding, make your travel pull double-duty. Head out a week early or stay for a few days after the festivities to turn your trip into a full-on vacay! You’ll feel more relaxed and you’ll get to save on those costly travel expenses. It’s a win-win, really.

8 Don’t be the one to start drama

Somehow, drama always seems to find its way into the wedding planning process. You might get roped into it, but make sure you’re not the one to start it. How can you avoid causing a commotion? We’ve got a few ideasfor you.

Kristin Doherty