8 Problems Only Wedding Guests Will Understand

Being invited to a wedding is undoubtedly an honor (and who could say no to watching their BFFs exchange vows over cake and booze?). But like most wonderful things, attending somebody’s big day takes a bit of work too. If you’ve been rocking the wedding circuit this season, here are nine problems you can totally relate to.

1. Finding an outfit.

Well, this one’s white… And you just wore this one last weekend… Time to go shopping (again)!

2. Spending, like, all your money.

Ok, it’s really not that expensive compared to what the couple’s spending, but between the bach party, your new outfit, transportation, a hotel room, and a wedding gift, you might have to live off PB&Js for the next month.

3. Having to see people you’ve been avoiding for years.

Your best friend’s wedding is basically a high school reunion. Great?

4. Hunting down the passed hors d’oeuvres.

Once the ceremony ends, you’re starving, so you’ll be watching like a hawk for servers with those trays of mini appetizers. I’ll take three, please!

5. Feeling obligated to join in on cheesy group dances.

Whose idea was it to start a conga line? And, seriously, DJ — The Cha Cha Slide?

6. Dealing with drunk relatives.

That tipsy uncle who’s taken over the dance floor is pretty funny — until he spills red wine on your shoes.

7. Making small talk.

The couple probably slaved over the seating arrangement, but sitting next to new people at dinner guarantees thrilling conversations about the weather. Yes, it has been a hot one…

8. Trying not to ugly cry.

During the vows, the first dance, the touching toasts. Pretty much the whole night…

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