Wrap Stars: How to Dress Up Wedding Favors & Gifts

Forget what your mother told you — sometimes, it’s what’s outside that counts! From wedding favors to shower swag, gifting season is upon us and we’re all about putting those presents in pretty packaging. By wrapping a trinket in a cute vellum bag or adding a customized label to a jar of local honey, you can take your thoughtful gift up a notch. Read on for our wrap-up of the top packaging trends for 2014.

strong>Kraft paper. Brown kraft paper has become a popular alternative to store-bought wrapping paper in recent years. This cost-effective wrap can be found at most office supply stores and can easily be personalized or dressed up. We love the look of using stamps on the kraft paper to give the impression of polka dots, or adhering simple washi tape as decoration. If you like to draw, consider sketching the recipient’s name or monogram on the paper.

Photo by p. press via Loverly.

2. Colorful goody bags. This year’s hottest treat bag the colorful paper bag. Available in varying sizes, colors, and patterns, these bags are the perfect place to put candy, cookies, or small gifts. Personalize them with a custom seal or sticker, or add a handwritten message to the bag.

colorful bags
Photos by Moss + Isaac on Snippet & Ink via Loverly // Marianne Taylor on Bridal Musings via Loverly.

3. Berry cute baskets. With summer right around the corner, we love the idea of using cardboard or wooden berry baskets to hold small gifts. This creative packaging is perfect for holding seasonal jams and biscuits; you can also turn them into vessels for centerpieces that double as party favors.

berry baskets
Photo by MCR PROJECTS on Rustic Wedding Chic via Loverly.

4. Fun fringe. One of 2014’s biggest party decor trends is tissue paper garlands and fringe. You can add a little fringed flair to your packaging by wrapping handmade tissue paper fringe around your package in lieu of a bow, or adhering a tissue paper tassel or pom pom to your wrapped gift.

tassel fringe
Photo by Blue Eyed Yonder on Bridal Musings via Loverly

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