10 (REALLY) Rude Questions You Should Never Ask A Bride

Planning a wedding can be extremely overwhelming for anyone. Managing a budget, dealing with family, and coordinating every last detail of your wedding day is enough to make anybody go a little crazy! Throw in commentary from your friends, family, and even strangers and you can push bride over the edge. Here are 10 really rude questions you should never ask a bride or groom.

  1. 1. Are you sure getting married is a good idea?

2. Are you pregnant?

3. Why aren’t you taking his last name?

4. What are you spending on the wedding? What’s your budget? Who’s paying for it?

5. Do I get a +1?

6. Can I be a bridesmaid?

7. Is your ring real? How much did that ring cost? (Any question regarding the cost, size, or quality of the ring).

8. Why can’t I bring my kids to the wedding?


9. Can I see your wedding dress?

10. Can you move your wedding date… I have XYZ planned that day.

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