6 Ways NOT to Burn Out When You’ve Got a Wedding Every Weekend

Sure, weddings can be a blast. But what if you find your entire summer schedule totally booked with big days? How many weddings is too many weddings?

If you’ve got a calendar full of events, try these tricks to keep you pumped and excited for each big day and to prevent wedding guest burnout:

Wedding Season Burn Out

1. Leave some time for yourself. Just because you’re attending a wedding doesn’t mean that your entire weekend has to be committed to the couple. Plan to grab brunch with buds, head to a local yoga class, take a hike, shop up a storm, or just do some local exploring!

2. Make a weekend out of it. If you’re heading to a destination wedding, take a few days off before or after the wedding for a long weekend trip.

3. Know when to say no. Don’t overcommit. If you’re feeling like RSVPing to yet another wedding will break the bank (and cause you to lose your sanity!) then just say no.

4. Cut costs where you can. It’s not cheap being a wedding guest! Save money on this summer’s soirees by going in on group gifts, going off-registry, and finding cheaper accommodations for you and your friends.

5. Stay healthy. If you’re hoping to stay fit and healthy this summer, make a conscious effort to eat the right foods and stay hydrated at every wedding. Opt for high-protein meals and skip the dessert bar. Or, stay clear of sugary mixers for your drink and burn a few extra calories on the dance floor.

6. Don’t feel like you always have to be the life of the party. While you want to have fun at the weddings you’re attending, you don’t have to get tanked every weekend. Your body will definitely get burnt out if you’re constantly battling a hangover…

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