11 Real Thoughts All Guests Have During a Wedding Ceremony

From hiding yawns to fighting back tears, wedding ceremonies can be an emotional roller coaster for guests.

And, we admit it — we totally get misty-eyed at a few points. Moments of joy aside, your nearest and dearest will probably spend some of the time wondering when the reception will start. These eleven thoughts run through almost everyone’s mind during the “I dos.”

1. Oh my gosh, this place looks so pretty!

2. It’s 10 minutes past the start time! What’s the big holdup??

3. Bridesmaid dresses? Not too hideous!

4. The bride! That dress! Her veil!

5. Am I crying? I think I’m crying.

6. What an… interesting reading.

7. Sooo… isn’t 20 minutes long enough for a ceremony? Let’s wrap it up.

8. Nobody could possibly be as in love as these two — I mean, did you hear those vows?

9. …I’m going to die alone.

10. Can I throw this confetti yet?

11. Time for the open bar… uh, I mean celebration!

–By Kristin Doherty

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